Thursday, March 31, 2011

My reading list for March

Today is the last day of March (another hour and April will be here). It's a little sad saying goodbye to the winter months, when I would sequester myself to the couch with a good book huddled under a blanket, and wishing I had been given a snuggie for Christmas. With my farewell to winter and my welcome to Spring, I once again offer my list of books I have devoured for the month of March.

Here we go:

1. Lord Ruin by Carolyn Jewel
2. Dreams of Desire by Cheryl Holt
3. Too Wicked To Wed by Cheryl Holt
4. Colter's Woman by Maya Banks
5. Colter's Lady by Maya Banks
6. The Lady Most Likely
7. Just the Sexiest Man Alive by Julie James
8. Wicked Becomes You by Meredith Duran
9. Written on Your Skin by Meredith Duran
10. The Dangerous Viscount by Miranda Neville
11. The Countess by Lynsay Sands
12. An Accidental Birthright by Maisey Yates
13. The Trouble with Moonlight by Donna MacMeans
14. The Wedding Duel by Katy Madison
15. The Dutiful Rake by Elizabeth Rolls
16. The Chivalrous Rake by Elizabeth Rolls
17. Seducing the Duchess by Ashley March
18. What I Did for a Duke by Julie Anne Long
19. Delrium by Lauren Oliver

Unfortunately due to the month containing 3 birthdays and a couple of other important family gatherings, I did not meet my normal once a day book consumption. I humbly resolve that my goals will not be met in April as well. For with the 1st brings my launch into writing a novel in 60 days.

For the month of April I am moving to Fantasy and Dystopian as a main focus, with the exception of a few absolutely must buys including Beverly Kendall's novella.

Next Up: Iron Duke by Meljean Brooks

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Email no-no's

I am fore going the email excerpt for this week to talk about email no-no's. When I say '"no-no's" I think of MO from WALL-E, chasing after foreign contaminants.
Now everyone knows the no-no's, but sometimes it's good to have a little refresher course. 

These things are good for any communication that occurs via email. Professional or personal. The insensitive way that we send out our virtual correspondence like text messages or tweets is a little shocking. 

A little background: My family believed in teaching me the beauties of letter correspondence. I was challenged with writing, appropriately addressed and formatted, letters to my various grandparents throughout my childhood. They loved receiving tidbits of info about my thoughts, activities, and applauded my penmanship. This desire to communicate in a socially acceptable, professional format has lasted through the years. When I see one sentence emails with no formal salutation or parting I get a little irked. Thus begins the no-no's.

4.) I have a name. We all receive dozens, if not hundreds, of emails a day. It would me nice if you started that lovely email with my name. It's shocking, I know. Who knew that I would like to actually be acknowledged as the person being gifted with your generous words. Just rambling into an email and copying it to half a dozen people doesn't really help anyone. In fact just because you failed to point out the person who is supposed to receive this information I won't respond....ever!

3.) TAKE YOUR CAPS AND SHOVE IT! I abhor yelling in email fashion. All caps is not a cutesy way to express your feelings unless your pissed off. On that note, you say your professional, but you had to shout at me. Either drop your balls and pick up a phone... or refrain from using this putrid type speak and just communicate in a sensible fashion. It's fairly easy to explain the cause of your distress in a sentence without a Caps Lock attack.

2.) U2. It's a band name, not an actual way to phrase 'you too' unless texting on a phone. Get some common sense and type words not textinese! If you start communicating in a bunch of numbers and letters, then I will just assume that your keyboard has begun to malfunction with a fancy new binary code. I shouldn't have to decipher and decode your incoming message like a Morse code expert. You want me to pay for course in understanding your dilapitated talk? Regardless, I won't take it.

1.) Location, Location, Location. A crazy psycho makes sure they are aware of the target, why can't you. Countless emails I receive provide sentences, but no specific direction to what the person is talking too. Don't email me with something like:
I have the 'insert object'. It's going in the kits and I think it will work.
Okay.... I have no clue. I need to know details. The 5 W's and H would be good, currently you're missing a few. I love the presumption that I have nothing better to do then sit around and think about your particular project or concerns. Out of the sympathy of my heart I will sometimes spend 10 minutes playing 'guess what they're talking about'. After the third time you send me this kind of crap I'm done.

You probably think I am just evil now, but to perfectly honest I'm not. In the world of email, twitter, FB, and texting we tend to forget the common rules of courtesy when communicating. You have to show respect to earn it. Dedication to avoiding the no-no's will also reduce waste of time. Don't get me wrong-- short messages, All Caps, and quick typing have purposes (I guess), but there is a time and place. The time and place is not on your emails to friends, family, bosses, co-workers, agents, and half a dozen others who ache for your words. Save it for the quakadoodles that haunt your phone, wall, or tweet timeline.

Adios and good night!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Mundane... I mean Monday. Fun Stuff Time!

Yes, I know. I'm late... it's Tuesday. Gonna be close to Wednesday by the time I post this.

Needless to say the week is starting a little slow for me. I am still floating down from the euphoria of a productive and fun weekend. That being said I refuse to be Debbie Downer and offer a plethora of fun stuff for you all to enjoy.

Top 5 for this week:

5.) Whimsy Writing- She wants to stalk you, in a good way *wink. This is a fun blog with lots of great insight and just fun writing. I like taking the time to read new insights and have a little joy at the same time. Check out the blog and just settle in for a little learning and good conversation. Plus, whimsy is a great follow on Twitter.

4.) Dirty Birdies- For the twisted romantics we are. This blog is from a group of erotic romance authors (adult content). Now some who view this blog may be a wondering why? Well, I don't play favorites. I like lots of different music, book genres, discussions, etc. Plus, I like to provide a little something for everyone. Life is about experiences and these ladies are hilarious.

3.) Authoress and Write On! - Authoress has helped so many with her Secret Agent contests. Now she's helping our aspiring writers and reviewing the grammar basics. My grammar is atrocious. I know this. Heck, you probably know this. So I'm headed there to review. I encourage all of you to do the same. Plus get involved in the conversation and shape a few minds.

2.) Genre for Japan- An auction of rare and wonderful items from writers. The earthquake that hit Japan was devastating and horrible. Now turn that horrible into hope and bid on some great items, including critiques and more, to give money to the British Red Cross. Bidding ends on Sunday, April 3rd.

1.) Operation Auction 2011- An Auction for Fatin  If you are not aware a member of the writing community, I say community because regardless of genre we are all connected, experienced a profound loss a couple of weeks ago. Fatin lost her husband in a tragic, senseless fashion and the auction is to help raise funds and give back to a wonderful person who is suffering the ultimate heartache. Check the auction out. Find something you like and bid. Critiques, books, ARCs, cover art, and more.

I know my fun stuff for the week is not exactly free books or other such. Less contest and more about spending a little cash at some auctions. Just know that the money you spend goes to help others. There are some great blogs listed and grammar refreshing can be fun, corrupting... oops, I mean shaping young minds is rewarding and fun too!

Signing off... till tomorrow.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Break Week

This week is going to be a doozy. That said, I will be taking a blog break for the week.

I am also extending the DABWAHA Rap contest for an additional week (deadline: Sunday 27th), just because (a) no one entered, and (b) you can't force genius in a few short days. I know that everyone was hard at work on their latest projects and ensuring that they got the vote out for their picks.

The winner of my other contest is Ludmeiser (Lora). If you would email me at and let me know which of the 3 books you would like as your prize.

See you all next Monday!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Write it, edit it, publish it

A new friendly competition is available for those who have yet to get their work out there. 60k in 60 days!

This is a chance for all of the budding authors to write, edit, and publish their creative work on their own. Have an adventure, live the stress and excitement, and get published for goodness sakes!

Remember this has got to be your best effort, not some half-baked idea. Show yourself that you can be one of those self-published millionaires and do the unthinkable.

Check out Pushing the Pen for more info. Plus, follow @Pushingthepen on twitter to keep up to date with the competition.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Starting messing around and next thing I know I am rapping about DABWAHA... old school.

So here ya go! To the tune of Ice Ice Baby

Yo, DABWAHA. Let's Kick it!

Alright stop collaborate and listen
DABWAHA is back with a new competition
Voting has begun finally
Try to do both, daily & nightly
Who's gonna win, I don't know.
Bribes are being posted, fo' sho
To the extreme Meljean's like a vandal.
Hoping for an upset of Last Night's Scandal
Tweet, in support of your favorite authors
Otherwise bribe folks with your coffers
Deadly, are the historical lovers
Don't be fooled even if they're mothers
Love it or like it just don't hate
You better just hope your not to late
If there's trash talk, yo I'll ignore it
Check out my blog while the DJ revolves it


2nd verse is still open for takers. Comment with a second verse, I will select one as the winner on Sunday March 21st. Grand Prize 1 book of your choice from the contestants of DABWAHA.

Also, just in case don't forget to vote!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Email Excerpt is postponed for this week! Instead it's Contest Time!!!

The "I NEED LOVE" contest

The INL Grand Prize is one copy of either Delirium by Lauren Oliver, A Taste of Desire by Beverly Kendall, or Iron Duke from Meljean Brook. The title is the winner's choice.

INL Contest- To be eligible complete the steps.
1. Follow my blog or follow me on Twitter (@RiseoftheSlush).
2. Leave a comment and let me know where your following.
3. In the same comment tell me one book that I read in the month of February. *hint-this info is readily accessible.
4. Finally tell me what you would like to see on my blog to keep you coming back for more!

Contest Deadline: Sunday March 20th, 11:59 pm CST.

The winner will be randomly selected and posted on Monday March 21st.

Shake it and Bake it!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Contests and Fun Stuff #2

Greetings all my fellow "lovers" of DST, a TLA for Daylight Savings Time, if you don't know what TLA means then I pray for you. Here's the Top 5 for contests and fun stuff.

Before I begin the list let me say one thing: March is Hot Hot Hot!!! So many fun things to do

5. DABWAHA! - A March Madness contest for Romance! Covers multiple romance genres so just because you don't read all of them doesn't mean you can't get involved and have fun.
Hosted By: Smart Bitches Trashy Books
Deadline for picks: March 15, 2011 at 11:59pm CST
Grand Prize: A 16 GB Ipad 2 (who doesn't want to get their grubby little fingers on that!).
There are other prizes as well but click on the link to get all the info. Remember time is short.

4. CSAR - Another March Madness bracket. Same theme Romance, but this time different categories. Put forth by the benevolent Camryn Rhys and friend.
Deadline for picks: March 21, 2011. Plus a few other stipulations (follow on blog, twitter, or FB) and announce who you are of course.
Grand Prize: An e-reader, no specifics on variety. But hey! It's an e-reader, beggars can't be choosy.
Good fun and another way to get crazy for something other than basketball.

3. Ashley March - March Madness Scavenger Hunt- Sensing a theme are we, well it is March. Now the good stuff. We have a scavenger hunt starting tomorrow (March 15, 2011). Ashley March is promising delectable prizes and fun times. You need to be ready 7pm MST because that's when the contest starts. Questions and all that jazz will be posted at that time. If you don't have time to partake check out Ashley's blog anyway. She's conducting lots of fun interviews with guest authors and yummy giveaways all month.

2. Miss Snark's First Victim Secret Agent Contest (March)- Ready to land an agent or maybe just get some feedback from one. Then 'Come on Down'! Authoress, creator of MSFV holds a lovely monthly contest called 'Secret Agent'. For more details click on the link, but submission time frames are on March 21st.

1. Spring Free Edit Contest- This is the big one my pretties! A lovely Cassandra Freelance Editor is hosting a contest for a free substantial edit (up to 100k).
Deadline: March 21st, 2011. You can enter once per day and have to supply a little blurb about the content of your story. Go get 'em aspiring authors. This type of thing doesn't come around often.

That's about it for this week.... except, I will be posting my own little contest on Thursday. Stay tuned it's gonna be good.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blog Joy Saturday

We Interrupt This Programming for an Important Announcement!
Tomorrow, more like 3am (some of you may still consider that Saturday), is the launch of Daylight Savings Time in the United States. Joy for the loss of 1 hour of sleep *sarcastic snort.

Now back to the regular scheduled post

Blog Joy Saturday

To write is to also read. You cannot expect to be a good writer unless you consume volumes of elaborate prose within the genre you adore correct? Most agents and authors would agree, although I am sure there are some out there who fall outside of that mold.

Regardless to help all of you wonderful people get their daily dose of reading I propose blogs as a medium to turn to when you are tired of news articles, magazines of celebrity hounding, and no time for reading a full book or short story. Heck, blogs usually tell the story. The story of the downtrodden, misty eyed, aspiring romantic author. The story of the witty, acerbic science fiction author that provide a humor, curse-filled look at ordinary topics.
To help you find some of these places, which exist beyond the blogger realm, I provide links of delight, pictures of morsels, tasty ideas (yes, I know too much description. Show don't tell). Here's to the showing.

My Top Five Blogs of Saturday

5. Maisey Yates I know after you all read this list you are going to say I am a little leaning with my Top 5 this week, I say boo! If it's good I will post it. Maisey is a wonderful romance author. She speaks from the heart and I like her. Spunky, sassy, and I am sure raising three kids deserves a ton of praise! Her blog is on her website. She offers a neat perspective and insight to writing, fun stories, and some giveaways. I encourage a look at someone who has accomplished her dreams and is living them.

4. The Semi-Organic Mom Like talking about kids, motherhood, and laughing at those funny stories only Mom's have (because the kids do the silliest stuff). Then Semi-Organic Mom is the way to travel. She also offers some great advice and research on mom topics, even for those who are not quite a mom but on their way (bun in the oven, pot on to boil, spawn of hell waiting to burst, etc).

3. Life, Muse, and Coffee This blog I just found. Great advice for writers, fun interviews to different authors I would have never thought to check out. All around fun and enlightenment. Just take a peek!

2. Limecello!!! Lime offers a little bit of fun. There are interviews, recipes, ranging comments. Just good times, great posts, and laughs. Her blog makes you feel like having fun and Lime is always eager to respond to her commenter's. Plus I recently won a free book from Lime's blog and love the idea of giveaways!

1. The Season Blog Are you interested in romance??? The Season Blog is where you need to go! Giveaways, author interviews on the latest and greatest out. Plus this blog is attached to a website that offers reviews on each month's romance novels in every category. I'm talking historical, contemporary, paranormal. The Season gives you a chance to get a little more info about a romance book you may be thinking about and more. Couldn't dote on this site enough as it has influenced multiple purchases (Yes, I read romance, like to keep my options open)!

That's it for Saturday. Read your heart away, learn about new books, new tricks, and above new topics to help fuel that creative muse sitting on your shoulder.

-Good Night, Forever Yours, a Purple Sheep

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Born This Way

Random Thought: Was I born this way?? *Lady Gaga had a little bit in the inspiration.
Born to write, annoy, and pester myself to oblivion. I would say so.

Everyone has body parts, visual flaws, etc. that they despise. What I want to discuss is those pesky personality traits that seem to be the least analyzed. The little quirky things you do verbally in your interactions with friends, companions, husbands, kids, etc.

As a naive youth I rebelled against those who tried to tell me that my personality was annoying, my mouth a fountain of verbal diarrhea, and gossip tendencies bound to land me on the wrong side of ditch (bloody and dead)! I grew up and realized it pays to shut my mouth. Verbal diarrhea is still present from time to time; all sailor influenced I swear!
*I'm going somewhere with this I promise.

I did realize that there are parts of my personality that I can't change. My uber-craziness with people who disrespect others. The severe homicidal tendencies experienced when myself or others I know are looked down on. My passion for creative curse words. The insatiable desire I have for attention from others, and the imaginary thought that I look good in red! Plus a dozen or so other blah blah's.

Bottom Line:
As a writer if you can define your own personality weaknesses, I believe that you are better equipped to write your character's strengths and flaws. I'm not saying take a psychology class (although it may help). I am saying that by analyzing your inner personality weakness' and paying attention to little quirks of others you can craft characters that suffer from more then just pride or a bout of jealously.

Just as you were born this way, your characters are born a certain way. Don't settle for simplicity, dig deeper and find the complexity that makes them who they are.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Email Excerpt #3- What I really want to say

A little concerned we are to use the Tablespoon both for measuring the jello and the soda – how do they clean in between serving the 2 different items?
You know that measuring spoons sets usually have a Tablespoon and 1/2 tablespoon plus a few more choices. You could do some 'simple' math, let me stress.. SIMPLE math, and use the 1/2 tablespoon for one of the items and the tablespoon for the other. Common sense, the ability to problem solve or just generally to think is needed when you take a job. If you can't figure this one out I fear for the offspring you may decide to force upon the world.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Writing Fun Stuff

Salute to another Monday. From now on this post is going to be my Top 5 countdown.

5. If you aren't following Miss Snark's First Victim blog creator Authoress on Twitter, I recommend you do so NOW! I know, a little demanding, but there is an EPIC contest taking place as I blog. If you have not visited her blog before I recommend highly that you do that as well.
The epic contest involves several smaller ones on Twitter at various times and the giveaways range from books to query critiques. A great opportunity for little to no work.

4. Chatterbox Chit Chat Lynnette Labelle also has a fun contest happening as I blog. The prize: a critique of the first 500 words of your manuscript or your query letter. Your choice. There is some basic instructions and it pays to follow them. Deadline for the contest is this coming Sunday March 13th, 2011.

3. Mer Bear from Fine Print has a new blog. She is offering up some great advice on blogging Do's and Don'ts. While this may not exactly fall under every one's 'Fun' category, learning how to successfully traverse the crazy world of online social media can be rewarding.

2. Like Jewelry??? Author Pal Chad Johnston has a fun giveaway on his blog. 
He's giving away earrings for some heartfelt comments. Not a book mind you, but pretty sparklies to dangle from your lobes. Plus, Chad is funny and his stories are comical. Take a peek.

Finally...1. All I can say is Terribleminds. This blog is fun and Chuck Wendig could make anyone fall out of their chair laughing. Disclaimer: This blog may not be appropriate for those under 18, that may be pregnant, have heart conditions, or intake large amounts of anti-depressants. Other that you are free to laugh your ends off.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another week awaits

As promised anything and everything.

I have had a blast over the last 7 days getting familiar with Twitter. I'm finding friendly people and lovin' every minute of it. Fav authors, agents, and aspiring writers to converse with. Let me tell you how lonely it feels when a writer does not have any others to talk to. Purple Sheep indeed!

My voracious reading appetites have not slacked in the last several weeks. In fact I would say they are worse then ever. The current WIP I have moved to is a large, steamy pile of dren. I vow to change that in the near future. The next genre of my devouring will be Fantasy starting in April. Thanks to Sarah Megibow for reminding me of my love for that particular set of tasty morsels. Plus my list of must read Historicals before March runs out is quickly increasing.

Now with Monday here I must set aside my fun, and return to painstaking reality. A job, eww, but still thankful I have one. Time to button down and work my tail off. You know how it goes... life, it just gets in the way!

P.S. Fun email excerpt coming, ridiculous but fun.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The time has come

Yes, it is time. Time to list out my horrible consumption for the world to see. While I may be Slush, I devour fiction without remorse. Edible delights consumed every day to sate my appetite. Little morsels that leave me hungry for more...

Without further ado:

Lord Baybrook's Penniless Bride by Elizabeth Rolls
Scandal of the Year by Laure Lee Guhrke
The Heiress by Lynsay Sands
The Perfect Scandal by Delilah Marvelle
After Dark with a Scoundrel by Alexandra Hawkins
The Masquerade by Brenda Joyce
A Secret Affair by Mary Balogh
When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloise James
An Affair before Christmas by Eloise James
The Seduction of His Wife by Tiffany Clare
My Reckless Surrender by Anna Campbell
Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord by Sarah MacLean
Sinful Surrender by Beverley Kendall
A Taste of Desire by Beverley Kendall
A Week of Pleasure by Christie Kelley
The Infamous Rogue by Alexandra Benedict
The Plumed Bonnet by Mary Balogh
The Ideal Wife by Mary Balogh
Lord Carew's Bride by Mary Balogh
Stealing Heaven by Madeline Hunter
Sweet Release by Pamela Clare
Surrender by Amanda Quick
Deception by Amanda Quick
Affair by Amanda Quick
The Book of Scandal by Julia London
Love with a Scandalous Lord by Lorraine Heath
Not Quite a Gentleman by Jacquie D'Alessandro
By Design by Madeline Hunter

And that is what I have been reading. For the most part 1 book a day is pretty satisfying. Would you believe that I can even recall the details of the books. Thinking that maybe I should be reviewing some of the newer books that have provided so much aromatic pleasure...not sure though.

My plan is to finish out March inhaling Historical Romance. Then I am off to quench my hunger with a new genre. Looking for suggestions, though I am sure some would like me to continue where I am.

Just so the fair author's of such tantalizing eatery are not offended you should know that I have multiple upcoming releases still on my list of must buys!

P.S. Yes I know a little bit of a Romance Slush! But who doesn't like a good romance... be serious.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Moving to a new Genre

For the last 3 months I have been overtaken with Romance and Historicals. Now I know that some would call romance novels chocolate candy that devours you completely and I agree!

All my reading has brought me to the wonderful realization that there are soooo many wonderful romance authors out there. They provide delicious books that I absolutely must inhale and I love the series that tell the stories of groups of sisters or friends that find love. Anyhoo, I have decided that in April I will move on to a new genre. Not sure which one that should be so I need help and suggestions.

For all my fav historical author's do not be distraught! I still plan on snatching up the latest upcoming release's in April and May.

I will post this weekend on some of those great author's and their upcoming books that just have to be purchased by my greedy eyes!

Good night and faithfully yours,

Slush the purple sheep!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

EE not today

Unfortunately I am without a horrifying or upsetting email excerpt to blog about today. Tomorrow could bring a lovely gem though.

For today I will just say that I am having lots of fun exploring Twitter. The challenge has been learning how to use the popular social media tool. No exception today as I figured out how to shorten URL's. Yea!

If you have not gotten on Twitter yet I highly recommend it. You can follow some of your favorite author's and they tweet about contests (free stuff joy), new books to devour, and all the random writing stuff we love to get news on.

Good luck and may you dream of purple sheep.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Writing Fun Stuff

-Authoress got us going with a little Drop the Needle Critique submission. Unfortunately this post comes after submissions have already been taken but have no fear! It is March and if you haven't visited Authoress' blog yet then you may want to as the Secret Agent Contest for March is looming around the corner. No details yet but it would behoove those interested to check out the blog.

-As it is March, I should remind everyone that the PenTales Revolt contest deadline is circling like a vulture keen on catching dinner. The 7th is the cut off date and if you want to be learn more click the pic.

- Finally the BIGGEST NEWS of the Day: I am on Twitter. Whoot! Thanks to the persistent posts by Janet Reid, Mer-Bear and others about the effectiveness of social media I took the final step and established a Twitter account. *my jaw hangs in shock and awe.
Great pleasure also allows me to say that I have more followers on Twitter then I do on this blog LOL!

Fun times, great candy, and purple sheep.... 'til tomorrow