Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Writing Fun Stuff

-Authoress got us going with a little Drop the Needle Critique submission. Unfortunately this post comes after submissions have already been taken but have no fear! It is March and if you haven't visited Authoress' blog yet then you may want to as the Secret Agent Contest for March is looming around the corner. No details yet but it would behoove those interested to check out the blog.

-As it is March, I should remind everyone that the PenTales Revolt contest deadline is circling like a vulture keen on catching dinner. The 7th is the cut off date and if you want to be learn more click the pic.

- Finally the BIGGEST NEWS of the Day: I am on Twitter. Whoot! Thanks to the persistent posts by Janet Reid, Mer-Bear and others about the effectiveness of social media I took the final step and established a Twitter account. *my jaw hangs in shock and awe.
Great pleasure also allows me to say that I have more followers on Twitter then I do on this blog LOL!

Fun times, great candy, and purple sheep.... 'til tomorrow

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