Sunday, January 30, 2011

Submission Day!

Well, deadline day is here. The final day to submit to Phoenix's 'Extinct Doesn't Mean Forever Anthology'. I am proud to say that I got my submission done in time.
I submitted, and now have pins and needles rolling through my stomach as I wait.

Good luck to everyone else out there who submitted too. For those still toiling away, I hope you get your submission done before the stroke of midnight. Hey, if Cinderella caught her prince in the same amount of time then anything's possible.

For now I am off to Helium this evening to rate a few articles.

Catch ya on the flipside!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I wish I had talent

You have to read this query

After I read this, I wished... no, prayed for 1 ounce of talent.

Curse be the working lady

So, it's been awhile my dear blog...since I have graced your online status with a post.
The curse of having a day job and the duties that come with it mean that I don't get that much time to play on the internet, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Thought I would post an update though:

My short story for Phoenix's contest: Not done.
Book Query revision: Not done.
Continued writing on WIP: Not done.

I am sensing a pattern here.... I need to kick it in gear!

While my blog may be left unattended, fear not! I will be back on here with delicious posts very soon. Just need to get a little writing done and get that day job out of the way.

P.S. It probably doesn't help that my computer went down due to a virus on Sat. Spent about 6 hours getting that fixed, and am finally back online.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Too Awesome!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a HUGE fan of Van Halen. Have been since I was 6 years-old, playing broom guitar in the basement to the Diver Down album. Jeff Somer's posted this amazin' thing on his blog, Janet Reid shared, and now I will also share... too good for words.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Countdown is on!

Yes, that's right! "It's the Final Countdown!" (da da da... da da da da), and you all know that I am humming the music outloud.
Only two weeks to finish polishing my submission to Phoenix's "Extinct Doesn't Mean Forever" Anthology.
See the details here:
The deadline is Jan. 31st and I have been toiling away for the last couple of months getting my submission written, edited, and polished. While I am trying very hard to submit days before the deaded submission closing, I fear that I will end up coming in at the last second.

For those who have already submitted I wish you luck. For those, like me, still challenging themselves to get their work in before end of the month I salute you!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Blog to follow

For all you desperate writers out there toiling away at query letters and synposis' there is a new query blog that begs to be mentioned.

The Query Goblin

I encourage my fellow slush pile lurkers to seek out this blog and be brave enough to submit their query. I might even follow your bravery with a little bit of my own. This one is specifically designed to re-write your query, which could spark some of your own creativity. Let's be led down the goblin path together. Shall we?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year!!!

It's a New Year! 2011, and I am a little late with this post.

Don't get me wrong, I have been active on Blogger... just not on blogging.

So, this year I will write at least one post a month and be active in my thought process.

*A new year's resolution I am sure to break, but it's worth a shot.

A purple sheep among white sheep

Sometimes I feel like a purple sheep.
A purple sheep is intelligent, funny, occasionally witty, and slightly deranged (aren't we all?).

Being a purple sheep should be grand, but there are major flaws. To be a purple sheep means that the white sheep don't always accept her. They acknowledge her abilities, her strength, and her talents. Yet the purple sheep is not allowed to progress as the white sheep do. She is overlooked when the farmer plans to move the herd to greener pastures. The shearing of her wool is not done 'til last. The white sheep don't invite her to play their games or participate in their fencing jumping.

So the purple sheep tries to be a white one. She rolls in the snow attempting to coat her color. She stands up proudly in a thunderstorm praying that the cascading downpour will wash away the awful hue. How she longs to be a white sheep, but the change never comes.

Today I feel like a purple sheep.