Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Triple A

It's Sunday!!!!!
Less than 12 hours of freedom before I disappear into the work week, which is going to be a nightmare. *strangling self*

Until then I pause to bring a shameless plug *coughs* I mean post to someone who inspires me. This particular person inspires me so much that I am procastinating and not working on my 60n60 project to write this monologue. So here it goes:

The Triple A stands for Absolutely Awesome Amazing. Corny, I know, but true.
When speaking of the Triple A, I speak of a person I honestly have never met. Have I known this individual for years? No, but I have seen the amazing things that she does. This is a organized, intelligent individual that works from sunup til sundown and beyond. She takes care of a farm, blogs each and every single day, and is diligently focused on getting a writing career started for her and half a dozen individuals that she assists.
This is a woman who is admired from near and afar. She has many friends who would gladly offer to do just about anything for her, with the exception of kidnapping a particular evil entity and delivering him to her doorstep (he would probably go on his own free will though).
This is someone who willingly signed herself up for an extremely difficult task. She started a contest for an anthology, reviewed, provided feedback, and judged the entries (I was one of those crazies to enter). The idea of taking on such a project is daunting. This crazy, wonderful person took it one step further with editing, cover art, and publishing said anthology. She also has willingly offered support and motivation to me without bribes or blackmail, which I usually have to do to get others to submit.
Without further ado I give you The Triple A *drumroll, pause, breathe*

Phoenix Sullivan

Woot! Woot!

Check out Phoenix's blog Dare to Dream. In fact you better go there tomorrow, as Phoenix is having a blog anniversary. Contests, get in touch with the archives, or submit a query for some amazing feedback and insight!

-Once there you can also visit that great link to purchase that anthology I was talking about, Extinct Doesn't Mean Forever. If you are lazy you can click on this link.

-Then great intoxicated with Phoenix's self-published novel Spoils of War: An Arthurian Saga. Again a link for you lazy ones (don't worry I'm lazy too). 

Hope to see you all at the blog anniversary tomorrow.
Farewell from a purple sheep.


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. Dearest, slushiest little purple sheep, I am truly humbled. Thank YOU doesn't begin to cover it. But you know, we're all in this together, helping each other out. I couldn't do what I do without the help of lots of others too. Here's to ALL our successes!!!!

    BTW, I've never had MY tail pulled by James Marsden. Just sayin'.

  2. Pretty purple sheep! Where? *cute* James Marsden? Where? *drool*

    Oh, yes, and could not agree more!

  3. Yes, this purple sheep masqueraded as a bunny on Saturday and had the delicious pleasure of James Marsden pulling my tail. Woot!

    No pictures yet, but I promise I am working on it.