Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review: Nightmarriage by Chad Thomas Johnston

Published by: eLectio Publishing

Whether it’s buying things that are over there, dealing with Dodge’s incapable of surviving 110,000 miles or dealing with the folly of the pity party, Chad Thomas Johnston speaks to the newly married, newly parent-hooded (catch that portmanteau) in everyone.

Nightmarriage is a composition of essay’s, fun anecdotes about Chad’s steps through the world of marriage and becoming a parent. Spoken not as one who knows all the rules, but as someone learning them, the stories of Chad’s journey spark the reminders of similar moments in my relationship with my husband. There’s stories cataloging the silly arguments, the wonderful flaws, and the adventures during the personal journey’s. But Chad’s narration of his tales allows me to remember my own more fondly.

The witticism and refreshing writing style put a smile on my face more than once during the reading. I found myself inspired by the words and encouraged to be aware of the similar challenges I have yet to face in my own relationships.

Nightmarriage serves as a reminder that you need to appreciate the little things because in truth, those moments, are the big things. It’s a great read and every should have a copy. 

You can pick up a copy of this great book at: 

P.S. There are awesome illustrations by several artists, including the amazing Kansas Citian Danny Joe Gibson.