Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve COVER REVEAL - What You Need

Ever since signing the contract back in July I've wondered and pondered what my cover would like for Royce and Veronica's story. Now I know and I'm incredibly excited and a little turned on by it.

Who are Royce and Veronica?

Royce is looking for a woman who won’t cringe at the words “sexual submissive,” and a chance for all his fantasies to come true. The 1Night Stand he signed up for was supposed to be simple with no attachments, but when his match is his ex-best friend, simple goes out the window. He can’t stop seeking the answers to why Victoria left or deny his new-found attraction to her.
Victoria has loved Royce forever, but his rejection of her affections eight years ago caused her to walk away from everything. She’s not the same girl from college, and no longer naive and willing to run too just anyone. A sexual dominant born from her mistakes, she wants a chance to start a relationship based on her terms. She’ll settle for one night, but she’s planning on forever.

The book is set to release sometime in January 2014. So, not long to wait at all. More news and excerpts will be coming soon. I promise. In the meantime, pop open the bubbly and help me toast to Royce and Veronica finding what they need. *winks*

Also, I want to give a huge thank you and shout-out to Fiona Jayde for my sexy cover. An another big thank you to Decadent Publishing for giving Veronica and Royce a chance to share their story. Finally, a big 12-dozen-repeated Thank You to all the authors spreading the joy and beauty of my cover today: Cate Peace, M.A. Dunham, Kathleen Ann Gallagher, Cassandra Dean, Zee Monodee, Taryn Kincaid, Nana Prah, Tara Quan,  Kathryn Lively , Eva Lafoy, Jennah Scott, and Shiloh Saddler 

Finally thank you to YOU. Thank you for stopping by, for reading, and continuing to be interested in my brand of crazy.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Guest Post +Release Day: Delicious Delay by Tara Quan

Welcome to fellow Decadent Publishing Author Tara Quan. She's talking about how she rose from the slush pile today and celebrating her latest release: Delicious Delay.
Take it away Tara!

First off, I’d like to thank Landra for inviting me over to shamelessly promote my new novelette, Delicious Delay, which was released today by Decadent Publishing. You can find the blurb at the end of this post, and I’ll be updating my website with the most current buy links as they go live. Now that the plug’s done with, I’ll move on to my actual post.

So what do I mean when I talk about the dreaded slush pile? In essence, I’m referring to the not too pleasant predicament of submitting my manuscript(s) to an editor or publishing house to whom I have no connection. When this happens, even addressing the email becomes a chore. Do I start with “Dear Sir/Madam” or the even more impersonal “To Whom It May Concern?” This conundrum often leads to significant cyber-stalking, during which I comb the publisher’s website and various forums to figure out the name of the person in charge of acquisitions. If there is more than one, then the Internet research cycle begins anew.

Submitting to the slush pile isn’t pleasant. Even as I hit send, a voice in the back my mind reminds me the likelihood of getting an acceptance letter is slim to none. I’m an unknown quantity—someone they’ve never heard of before. Why would they even bother opening up the file?

Yet I continue to submit to the slush pile, not because I’m a glutton for punishment, but because I think my work deserves a chance. I do it because I know that I need the help of an editor to make my work shine.

Delicious Delay is a manuscript that managed to climb out of the slush pile. I submitted it to Decadent Publishing after much research, but without having ever been in direct contact with someone who worked there. I don’t quite know how it happened, but I do know someone there thinks it’s worth a read. I’m crossing my fingers readers do to.

Thanks Tara. I plan on purchasing my copy immediately because this book sounds delicious. Here's the blurb: 
Stranded in a Middle Eastern airport, Michelle Day finds herself the object of interest for an abrasive, but all-too-sexy stranger—a stranger who tempts her with the forbidden in a land where indecency could get her killed. But how does one say no to such a deliciously, relentless pursuit?
Khalid Al Dehri takes one look at the red-headed spitfire in the business class lounge and knew he’d either been transported to heaven—or hell. Her tart response to his surliness intrigues him beyond all propriety and the longer he spends in her company, the more he can’t deny his forbidden attraction. But will she explore the sensuality between them or will society’s rules keep them apart?

How do you get a copy? Visit this page for buy links

About Tara:
Globetrotter, lover of languages, and romance author, Tara Quan has an addiction for crafting tales with a pinch of spice and a smidgen of kink. Inspired by her travels, Tara enjoys tossing her kick-ass heroines and alpha males into exotic contemporary locales, fantasy worlds, and post-apocalyptic futures. Armed with magical powers or conventional weapons, her characters are guaranteed a suspenseful and sensual ride, as well as their own happily ever after. Learn more at www.taraquan.com or find her at these social media and website outlets:  

Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Birthday 1NS: Giveaway-appalooza!

It’s a birthday extravaganza this week thanks to the release of the 1Night Stand’s 200th book, a series started by Valerie Mann and Kate Richards back in 2011 for Decadent Publishing. To share in the excitement dozens of 1NS Authors are blogging and giving away awesome swag, free 1NS books, and gift cards. As a way to spread the wealth, I’m going to highlight some of the blogs you need to be visiting this week and the giveaway’s happening.

Monday 10/14
- Kerry Adrienne, author of Druid Mine and Senator Mine, is running a $25 GC giveaway on her blog all week long.
- Kali Willows, author of Shadowed Desires 1NS Series, will have multiple guests running separate giveaways for e-books and more.
- C.R. Moss, author of Sunset Series, will have 1NS Series Co-Creator Valerie Mann stopping by.
- Kate Richards, Co-Creator of the 1NS Series and 1NS Author, will be hosting Starla Kaye another great 1NS author with giveaways.

Tuesday 10/15
- Cate Peace, author of This Time Next Year, is hosting Taryn Kincaid and her Sleepy Hollow 1NS books
- Tracy Riva will be hosting Jessica E. Subject, author of Intergalatic Heat. Enter to win a signed copy of her 1NS book.
- Stephanie Beck, author of Panties Optional, will be giving away a giftbag and posting about the birthday bash on her blog.

Wednesday 10/16
- The Season for Romance Review Site and Blog will be hosting ME! I’m giving away a 1NS book (of their choice) to a lucky commenter. I’m also talking about the series and sharing a blurb for my upcoming 1NS, What You Need
- Naughty Author Chicks will be hosting Desiree Holt and she’s giving away a copy of her 1NS book Night Mission.
- Literal Addiction is having a chat and post with multiple 1NS authors. There’s at least 7 authors participating. Check it out for a ton of awesome giveaways (swag and books).

Thursday 10/17
- Desiree Holt, author of Night Mission and Flyover, has 1NS Series Co-Creator and Author Valerie Mann blogging and giving away a copy of First Comes Marriage.
- Taryn Kincaid, author of Sleepy Hollow 1NS Books, will be hosting Sara Daniel and a giveaway of Sara’s One Night with the Bride.
- Ellie Potts will be hosting 1NS author Dakota Trace. Dakota’s giving away some awesome swag. 

Let me tell you that there are more giveaways and definitely visit Heather Long’s Facebook Page and check in with the Decadent page throughout the week.

My gift for your visit is to enter to win a copy of a 1NS book. That’s right any 1NS book that’s available to purchase, you get to choose. :) This is open for 1 winner.

To wrap I’ll leave you with a short blurb from my upcoming release, What You Need:

For Royce and Victoria, their friendship ended with a kiss and a secret. Eight years later, a 1Night Stand will give them a chance to recover their connection and kindle a passion they never expected.

Also, as a special treat for the birthday bash 1Night Stand has a rafflecopter giveaway, just click the link below. *This giveaway applies to all 1NS Birthday Bash posts.
- Grand prize is a $25 Fandango gift card plus 5 1NS titles of the winner's choice
- 2nd prize is a paperback from the vault plus swag
- 3rd is a 1NS ebook (several winners).

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Craft: On Writing Descriptions of People

I was having a brainstorming session with my crit partner months ago and my delay in writing this post is equally long, but I wanted to finally get this out.  

Following said mentioned brainstorming session I remembered a little #editortip from Adrien-Luc Sanders. To quote:
Think of people who've made an instant impression. Most compelling trait? Probably not their eyes.
Those 2 sentences and 1 question stuck with me long after reading them. Then I had to know: How do I look at people? What's the thing I notice first or look at first when meeting a new person? For me it's the traits I like least about myself, for others it may be what they are attracted to the most. Each person is unique in their personalities as well as what they are drawn to.

So, why is it we're all after the eyes. Is it the easiest to write? The most common feature? The windows to the soul aspect? The final question you have to ask each of your character's is: Do you really look a person in their eyes first? And go deep. Dig into your character and put yourself in their shoes. Are they shy? Then probably not the eyes, probably the shoes or the scruff on a chin would be the first thing they'd notice. A tall person might find more interest in someones hair or their shoulder's, especially if their are around a lot of folks a bit smaller then themselves.

Bottom line is that by using their observances of other people around them you can show certain aspects of their own personality versus telling the readers.

What do you think? Is it easy or hard to focus on different descriptors to lead the view one character has on another?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review: Nightmarriage by Chad Thomas Johnston

Published by: eLectio Publishing

Whether it’s buying things that are over there, dealing with Dodge’s incapable of surviving 110,000 miles or dealing with the folly of the pity party, Chad Thomas Johnston speaks to the newly married, newly parent-hooded (catch that portmanteau) in everyone.

Nightmarriage is a composition of essay’s, fun anecdotes about Chad’s steps through the world of marriage and becoming a parent. Spoken not as one who knows all the rules, but as someone learning them, the stories of Chad’s journey spark the reminders of similar moments in my relationship with my husband. There’s stories cataloging the silly arguments, the wonderful flaws, and the adventures during the personal journey’s. But Chad’s narration of his tales allows me to remember my own more fondly.

The witticism and refreshing writing style put a smile on my face more than once during the reading. I found myself inspired by the words and encouraged to be aware of the similar challenges I have yet to face in my own relationships.

Nightmarriage serves as a reminder that you need to appreciate the little things because in truth, those moments, are the big things. It’s a great read and every should have a copy. 

You can pick up a copy of this great book at: 

P.S. There are awesome illustrations by several artists, including the amazing Kansas Citian Danny Joe Gibson. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's Official!

I’m getting published!

Yes, you better believe it. It’s been a pretty long journey, but I’m happy with the results. So far I can tell you these factoids:

- The book will be published by Decadent Publishing
- It’s a short story feature for their 1 Night Stand Series (click to check it out).
- This will be an e-book release only.
- It is erotic romance and for my friends who may not read those types of stories I completely understand. I’ll write more stories for other genres I’m sure.
- I couldn’t be happier. This story blazed out of nowhere and I really didn't plan on writing it right away; until the characters wouldn't leave me alone. *Fellow writers you know how that goes.

There were so many people that helped make this possible and I can’t thank them all enough for the feedback, the support, and the Hoo-Ra’s since the announcement. If you have heard my personal thanks you can be sure that it will be coming soon. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tour Stop: This Time Next Year Blog Tour +Giveaway

Blog Tour!
So there's this awesome book out. I beta'd this book, and I have to admit I'm really excited about this release. Here's a blurb:

Vampire Kiernan Shaw has never forgotten the night twenty years ago when he’d been forced to stand by while another vampire killed a six-year-old girl’s parents in front of her. He’s spent the better part of the last two decades watching over her, protecting her and hoping for an opportunity to make amends one day.

Ever since surviving the vampire attack that killed her parents, Moira Curran has dealt with the resulting nightmares and abandonment issues the only way she could—by throwing herself into her biochemistry career, preferring a life of a hermit in her lab to facing the reality of her lonely life.

Madame Eve brings them back together for one fateful night. An immediate bond of sizzling chemistry and respect forms, but can it heal her fears and his guilt?

Pickup your copy at Amazon, Decadent Publishing, and All Romance Ebooks

Still not sure? Well, as a special treat I've got our hero Kiernan in a chair and ready to answer some questions about himself. Maybe that will help make up your mind. :) 

I've never hosted a vampire on my blog before, let alone one as good looking and steadfast as you. Moira is a lucky woman. 

*chuckle* You’re too kind. And if you wouldn’t mind passing that along, I’d appreciate it.  ;)

But I've got a few questions for you. One being, what's your take on true love? 

Excellent question, and one I’ve thought quite a bit about over the last several years.

I believe true love is something rare and beautiful, and that once you find it, you should never let it out of your grasp. You guard it with your life, you fight for it, you defend it. If you’re lucky enough for someone to love you with their entire being, you do not take that love lightly.

What's your motivation, career goals? Blood? Companionship? 

*Grin* My motivation is currently in the other room talking to her best friend on the phone. Currently, I’m focusing on training Moira to curb her…less loveable traits. So far, she’s proven a good student, though she enjoys hunting a little too much. I have the feeling her lab experiments were never quite as exciting.

Otherwise, since I have all of my old Master’s assets, we lead a comfortable life. I’m hoping to continue Moira’s training, then perhaps find a coven.

Your favorite word and why? 

Spifflicated. When I was…well, human…it was a favorite word for “drunk.” Words these days don’t have the same punch. Sometimes I say it just to make Moira laugh.

Your least favorite word and why? 

Any of this new vernacular. My mate is a fan of the word “whatever.” She uses it at every opportunity, and it makes me insane.

What advice would you give for those of us considering a 1 Night Stand? 

Trust in Madame Eve’s choice. I still don’t know if she’s a jinn or a goddess, but she’s a miracle-worker.

Another treat is Cate's giving away copies of her book. That's right. So enter for a chance to win. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

RT 13 Recap 1: Amazing Dinner with Jennifer Blake and Christina Skye

A- My post is extremely late. B- I've been a busy bee. C- I've got 15 minutes to hammer this out and then skip to the kitchen to make dinner for tomorrow, then a shower, then bed. D- No more alphabet letters.

This first one is all about my awesome Friday Night RT Dinner Date with Jennifer Blake and Christina Skye.

My arrival was announced with snow, rain, and just ick weather, but that didn't stop me. I made it right on time, milled around the convention's host hotel lobby. Got to introduce myself to Shana Galen *squee* and then found my dinner partners.

Jennifer and Christina were bound for the delicious Jack Stack BBQ. That's one thing all non-natives to Kansas City must know, if you visit the K-to-the-C you must eat BBQ at least once.

So we ate, well not right away. It was more like we waited. The Country Club Plaza on a Friday Night in May is crazy. We didn't eat the other guests... Donner party of 3. No, we made it to a table and proceed to indulge in salad, trout (delicious), burnt ends and delicious baked potatoes. I had a marvelous time and learned wonderful things.

The top 3: Every thing, every experience is a story waiting to unfold, write what you love always, and you have to find a balance between writing for love and writing for business.

Landra and Jennifer
I learned a bunch of other things, but a wise woman once said, "You can't give away all your secrets to success." So, I'll keep a few tidbits to myself. One thing I will say is that I was humbled. These women were all that is polite, courteous, and responsive to me. I couldn't stop thinking, "Here I am eating with these women who've accomplished so much, who've worked so hard." My goal is to one day experience just a small percentage of their success.

Definitely, an experience worth any amount of last minute planning and finagling. I can only hope to save up the funds for RT 2014 in New Orleans. I can't wait for a chance to spend another evening with these ladies and hopefully by then I'll be published. To those wonderful ladies, thank you for making a fledgling's dream come true. I was Cinderella for 1 night for sure.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Liebster Award

It's happened... I think this is the second time I've been nominated for this award. The first time I've actually written the post- I suck. Got it. I really just get busy from time to time and then I forget things. This from the female that can remember pointless pieces of info about games, trivia, and movies. But I can't remember due dates for bills or to post up stuff on my own blog. Epic Fail.

I'll get better... one day (that's what I say every time I forget to exercise). Anyhoot or hoo, moving on. I got an award and by golly I'm gonna post about it.

A little history: The "Liebster Award" is for bloggers with under 300 folllowers. The rules of the award is that the nominee must link back to whoever awarded them, write 11 random facts about themselves, answer the 11 questions from the award giver, and then nominate another 11 bloggers and make up 11 questions for them to answer. It's a great way for new and undiscovered bloggers to meet new people, get more followers and find some blogs that they want to follow."- From fellow blogger Wayne who first gave the award to James. 

The Link Back: You need to check awesome follower and award nominator Wolfdreamer25- Jessica Samuels. She holds a special place in my heart because I love wolves. That fact alone means she's good people. See how easily you can snow me. ;)

11 Random Facts:
1. I was once a smoker. 
2. I've been a non-smoker for a year and 1 month. 
3. I have 2 perforated eardrums, meaning if I were to go swimming underwater for any length of time I would drown. 
4. I've gained 30 lbs. from quitting smoking. 
5. I'm getting married to the love of my life in August. 
6. Outside of writing I've been working in the same day job industry for the last 10 years. 
7. I've got 2 degrees (Associates and BS) 
8. I'm a mustard kind of gal! Spicy Brown, Honey, Original, Dijon... bring it on! 
9. I live in Arkansas (Deliverance anyone?) *strums banjo*
10. I can either make you hungry or make you think naughty thoughts. 
11. I'm too damn nice and honest for my own good. 
Side story: The 1st McDonald's window was empty today. I pulled forward to the 2nd window. The McD's associate was ready to hand me my food when I said, "I didn't pay for that yet." And I handed her my card. Yes, way too nice and honest. You'll thank me for it later. 

The questions I'll answer: 
1. What did you want to be besides a writer?
I wanted to be a Broadway actress and singer. That obviously didn't happen. :) 

2. What is your happiest memory as of right now? 
Being with my grandmother and great-grandmother at our cabin in Minnesota during the summertime. I was peaceful, loved, and ultimately give every attention. I learned a lot about being there for someone, and embracing/sharing another person's memories. 

3. What is your latest book or project about? 
It's a romance series focused on the unconventional hero. I want the guy that isn't a rich billionaire or business owner. Now, of course, I have a couple of those, but they don't own the typical business. *wink* It's definitely not suit and tie professions all the time. 

4. Do you have a favorite soda? 
I go back and forth between Pepsi and Dr. Pepper. Pepsi is typically my favorite because it goes well with rum. 

5. Do you have any pets or pets you want to have? 
I don't currently have pets, unless you count my human spawn. I would love to have a dog, but I'm allergic to dog dander. I make up for the loss by working as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for a dog rescue. 

6. Where would you go to if you had a free day and unlimited money? 
There's a ton of options, but I would probably go out to eat with my family at the most expensive place possible near us. Followed by the movies and whatever else they wanted to do. 

7. How do you get rid of writers block? 
I read through the last couple scenes of the story. If that doesn't work I move to music that I associate with my characters. If I'm still stumped then I call a close friend or my crit partner and talk through the block.

8. What genre do you love to read? 
I like a lot of genre's, but my hook for the last couple of years has been Historical Romance with a vengeance.  I'm up for other romance genres, a smack-ling of YA, and Fantasy. 

9. What is your favorite food? 
That's like asking me what my favorite genre of music is. Too numerous to pin point. But if you had to pick one thing that I could eat all the time- Pork Dip. (I'll share the recipe at a later date)

10. Do you have a process you write to? 
I've tried pantsing, plotting and just random writing. I like plotting because it gives me a place to go. Plotting has also reduced the amount of writer's block moments. When I don't know what to write next I can look at the plot outline and get direction. Even if the draft sucks I'm at least getting the words down. 

11. How do you organize your novels and notes?
I separate things out into different word documents. I also have a never-ending notebook of ideas and stuff, stuff. Couple that with some interesting excel spreadsheets and you get a bunch of information everywhere. I'm a little crazy with my organization techniques anyway... at work I operate solely out of my inbox (5000 emails on average). I can find anything I need to the amazement of my co-workers.

My Award Nominees (honestly I couldn't locate 11, but I got as close as I could):
The Pen Punks- For all things Punk :)

My Questions For My Nominees: 
1. What keeps you writing? What motivates the muse?
2. Will ebooks take over the world? 
3. What genre do you think is on the rise or coming back?
4. Where do you get some of your best ideas? 
5. Are you a sweet, savory, or salty fan?
6. What are the essential things you need before starting a writing session?
7. Favorite Social Media site and why?
8. The best things about Social Media?
9. The worst thing about Social Media? 
10. If you were tasked with writing someones memoir (your pick) who would you write one on? 
11. Favorite book when you were 16 years-old? 

Friday, April 12, 2013

It's Really Works

When I first found my crit partner (I know I talk about this a lot) and we swapped pages I knew the feedback would be rough. I put on my big girl panties, strapped into my leather skin armor, and waited. The recommendations came and I wanted to cry, but I reminded myself that I wasn't perfect. No one is. This wonderful partner was here to help me grow, help me become a better writer.

I didn't think it would be possible. I didn't think I would get better. There were so many thinks to learn. Tell vs. Show, proper comma usage (I still suck at this), leaving the -ly words at home, making my dialogue read like actual people talking. Pretty bad, right? I'm still not perfect.

Side story: I used to be able to first draft an academic paper and nail it on the first try. A+ all around. This was the way it went in Elementary, Middle School, High School, and College. Hell, I wrote an essay on the state of Kansas in the 5th grade and my teachers wanted to know what books I used because they thought I plagiarized the descriptions. Poo on them for not believing in my flowery, flowing prose. So, to see how much my fiction writing sucked compared to my non-fiction writing was a blow to my very small ego. *smiles*

A year and a half later: My editing skills are better. I can write dialogue for real fictional people *oxymoron, I know* I can see the telling vs. showing. My commas aren't so misplaced. I've learned to write sentences without the typically-not-needed 'was' and 'that'. I'm still having a bit of trouble with passive writing, but if all the other things are becoming clearer I have hope for the future and my ability to clear out the passive for active.

I wouldn't be in this place without my critique partner. I wouldn't be so eager to let others rip up my work without finding someone I could trust to tear me apart. This readied my mind for the people I don't know very well to tear me apart.

Side story: The rip up, as I call the critique process, is something I desire greatly. I know now the importance of honest feedback. No matter how bad it is I want to know every little nit pick. Down to the possibility you hate my heroine's hair color. Recently, in a group crit session I got three critiques on the same pages. Two had barely any comments and some nice supporting remarks. I felt jipped because deep down I knew these pages contained errors. They had issues and I wanted a rip up. The last critique came in and when I opened the pages to red lines and comments everywhere the only thing I could do is smile. Aloud I said, "That's more like it."

The moral of the post is, even if you think critiquing and partners is a waste of time. It's not. It's essential. It changes you from the writer you were to the writer you will be. If we're not learning, if we're not getting better, then what the hell are we doing?

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Next Big Thing

I got tagged, virtually tagged, by the forever wonderful Lexcade over at Going from Nobody to Somebody. To re-hash, the dealio for those who don't know, which is probably no one since everyone knows (does that even make sense, I need sleep), The Next Big Thing is a lovely little tour/meme for selected authors to answer questions about their latest and greatest WIP, salute the author that tagged 'em, and tag 5 more lovelies to take part in the fun.

Let's get busy!

What is the working title of your next book? 
Bona Fide: Beauty 

Where did the idea come from for the book?
Coincidentally my day job. The people I work with same the damnedest, hilarious things and their lives spin like a soap opera. A few of my closest co-work pals seemed in need of happily ever afters; even if reality isn't all it's cracked up to be. I'm committed to delivering the HEA for each of them 1 book at time. Bona Fide: Beauty is just the first story.

What genre does your book fall under?
Contemporary Romance (a girl has to start somewhere)

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
I've only got the two main ones, but for a teaser bit I'll list out some secondaries. For main hero, Devlin, Ben Barnes. For main heroine, Kat, Marion Cotillard. Best buddies Christiana, Natalie, and Betty: Lynsey Bartilson, Sharon Stone, and Mena Survari

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book? 
Kat needs a promotion, for all the right reasons and some wrong ones, but she won't get it unless she can convince the delectable Dev, personal image consultant extraordinaire, that she's serious about changing her attitude and foul mouth for a chance at career success.

Will your book be self-published or agency? 
Hoping for the big agency win, but if it doesn't happen I'm open to any and all options.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? 
It's still in progress. I'm fast drafting, but the holidays were a momentum killer. Here's to a new year. *cheers*

What other books would you compare the story to within your genre?
I would say it's a cross between Megan Mulry's mouthy feminine snark, and Shannon Stacey sweet with a touch of hot mess; add in some character growth and giggles a la Jennifer Crusie.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?
The who is some people I work with. They say the darnedest things and I can't help but incorporate some of the hilarity. The what is the unconventional hero. We read about the billionaire's, the celebrity playboys, and the self made businessmen. What about the guy you least expect? Those are the guys I'm writing about.

Now for the tagging:

Phoenix Sullivan, who desperately needs to write another book for me to read.
Amalie Berlin, she knits and does awesome things with her hands. I can only imagine her writings is just as awesome.
Chad Thomas Johnston - eclectic, music lover, and all around awesome guy. Creatively  he's one of the most inspirational people I know. Couldn't ever compare and wouldn't want to steal his thunder.
Lori Sizemore- My critique partner and woman of awesome!

I honestly couldn't think of anyone else to list because almost everyone else I would list has already taken part in this meme of awesome. So dear reader if you would like to take part feel free to say I tagged you too. If you leave a comment with a link to your blog I will happily come and read about you-the-next-big-thing. :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Reading List: December 2012

My wrap up for the year post will be coming by the end of the week. In the mean time here's my list of reads for the month of December. I didn't get nearly as much read as I wanted to.

1. What an Earl Wants by Kasey Michaels*
2. Forever a Lord by Delilah Marvelle*
3. The Other Side of Us by Sarah Mayberry***
4. Death by Chocolate by Julie Lindsey **
5. The Duchess War by Courtney Milan
6. Fallen by Celeste Bradley***
7. Romancing the Holidays by Jaci Burton, et al.***
8. The Lady Most Willing by Connie Brockway, Eliosa James, and Julia Quinn***
9. A Kiss for Midwinter by Courtney Milan
10. Deck the Halls with Love by Lorraine Heath
11. Death's Angel by Heather Killough-Walden***

In the new year it's more indies, more romance, and more happy reading times. I don't have any definitive plans besides a wedding in August, and hopefully a finished book at some point. In the meantime, my new year's resolution of posting regularly... well, I won't hold  myself to any promises. My plan to continue to review as I can is still in affect, though I plan on backing off a little bit to focus on the gazillion other things I have going on.

*Review coming soon or available on this blog
**Review available on IndieBooksRUs
***Review available or coming soon on TheSeason