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Interviews with Victoria: Calhoun, Ruby, and Daniel from For Rubys Love by Starla Kaye

Victoria: Happy Spankings, Readers! Today I've got a special guest... make that three special guests. A duo is sweet, where a menage is a real treat. Welcome to Calhoun, Ruby, and Daniel. *clears throat* I'd ask that you all keep your hands to yourself. Getting stains out of my couch is a real problem. 
*claps hands* 
Let's get started then. Would you rather be caught with your pants around your ankles or tied naked to a pole?

Oh yes, Cal and I have a healthy sexual appetite. I could see tying him to a pole and me …. Maybe we shouldn’t go there right here. Since I’m still in the early stages of being with Ruby, I might be okay with being caught with my pants around my ankles.

Calhoun: If I’m with Daniel, I could probably go either way. We like to have some fun. If I’m with Ruby, definitely pants around ankles. No way would I let her be in charge.

Ruby: Hmm, the pole thing seems pretty kinky. But then I’m barely past the being a virgin state. Well, now that I think about it…I’ll take either man tied to a pole, not me. I want to have a little fun, try some things I’ve only read about.

Victoria: Sounds like you boys better keep away from poles. Ruby's enjoying the idea of tying you two up. I'll try some safer territory, are you a love at first sight or love is for suckers type of person?

Daniel: Being the more experienced one here, I’ll go first. I’m a romantic at heart, which not many people know. I fell in love/lust with Cal when I first met him. But I could sense right away that the small hint of attraction he felt for me worried him.

Calhoun: It has always taken me a while to fall in love. Actually, my first experience at what I thought was love, wasn’t. I was basically on the rebound from that relationship when I met Daniel. Having any kind of sexual interest in him scared the hell out of me.

Ruby: Since I’m completely new to this whole dating/love thing, I’m unsure how to answer. One thing for sure, when I first butted heads with Calhoun, I was more in wanting-to-kick-his-ass mode. But I’m definitely not against love or thinking it’s for suckers.

Victoria: Sounds like there's plenty of room to grow. Speaking of growing, I like learning new words. One of my new favorites is ‘masticle’. What do you think it means?

Calhoun: I’ve a pretty good idea what it means, and I don’t think we should talk about it around a lady. *blushes*

Daniel: I know exactly what it means and I don’t have a problem with it. But it should be done in private.

Calhoun: *frowns*

Daniel: *ignores Calhoun and looks at Ruby*

Ruby: I’m almost sure I know what it means and I’m okay with it. *pointedly eyes Calhoun* I wouldn’t mind watching, either. After all, fair is fair. You walked in on me.

Calhoun: *blushes more and lips in a snarl* 

Ruby: *Grins back*

Victoria: Since you're all familiar with kinky terms, what’s the kinkiest thing sexually you’ve ever done?

Ruby: Nothing…yet. But I’m young, give me time.

Daniel: Just don’t try things too quickly, Ruby. Enjoy the more regular stuff first.

Ruby: *rolls her eyes*

Daniel: *smiles*

Calhoun: Lord a’mighty, Ruby! You’ve been thinking about that stash of 'goodies' belonging to me and Daniel, haven’t you?

Ruby: You betcha!

Victoria: Well, I'm all for female dominance. *smiles* Unfortunately Ruby I'm not available to give private sessions anymore. *winks* Alright, last question. Tell the readers in one sentence why your book is what they need.

Calhoun: Just because.

Daniel: A man of few words, but he’s right.

Ruby: *shakes her head at idiot men* It’s got everything: a pigheaded cowboy who is wrong from the start, a businessman who loves the cowboy anyway, and me to upset their world.

Victoria: Thank you for stopping by. Now I strongly encourage that you men haul your lady out of here so she can dominate you in private. Readers, read on for a blurb and where you can pick up your copy of Ruby, Calhoun, and Daniel's adventures in romance.

Blurb: Calhoun’s a simple cowboy with more problems in his life than he can handle at the moment. After nearly two years, he struggles to hang onto a relationship with Daniel, his first male lover. Daniel is worried about him because of the fire, his concern for his prized breeding mare, and because he is determined to buy the neighboring ranch to expand. But Daniel isn’t a businessman without goals of his own for expansion, a fact that frustrates Calhoun as well. He doesn’t want to lose Daniel, but will their differences finally be too much? 

Daniel considers himself a lucky man to have met the rancher, someone almost his opposite and someone who he doesn’t want to live without. Standing beside the moody Calhoun has been difficult since the fire that burned down a horse barn, took the lives of two valuable horses, and traumatized a favored mare. Along with all of that, his harried friend is determined to expand his ranch holdings. Daniel is against the purchase and would prefer to find a way to slow the man down. Lately, he’s also begun worrying if maybe he isn’t enough to satisfy his lover’s needs. 

Complicating everything even more, Ruby shows up later than expected at Calhoun’s ranch to honor a job as a horse therapist that her father had agreed to before his sudden death. She knows what happened to the mare and is certain she can help her, if given the chance. But the stubborn rancher can’t get past the idea of her being a woman, someone not strong enough to work with such a damaged horse. They butt heads over the matter until she finds an ally in Daniel. He is concerned and yet believes in her abilities. Another problem arises, though. She and Calhoun have been skirting around an unwanted attraction, and then she discovers another surprising interest between her and Daniel… 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cover Reveal: Keir by Pippa Jay


A demon waiting to die...

An outcast reviled for his discolored skin and rumors of black magic, Keirlan de Corizi sees no hope for redemption. Imprisoned beneath the palace that was once his home, the legendary 'Blue Demon of Adalucian' waits for death to finally free him of his curse. But salvation comes in an unexpected guise.

A woman determined to save him.

Able to cross space and time with a wave of her hand, Tarquin Secker has spent eternity on a hopeless quest. Drawn by a compulsion she can't explain, she risks her apparent immortality to save Keir, and offers him sanctuary on her home-world, Lyagnius. But Quin has secrets of her own.

When Keir mistakenly unleashes the dormant alien powers within him and earns exile from Lyagnius, Quin chooses to stand by him. Can he master his newfound abilities in time to save Quin from the darkness that seeks to possess her?

Keir is Book One of the Redemption series and part of the Travellers Universe. Previously released by Lyrical Press Inc. 7th May 2012 and a SFR Galaxy Award for SciFi Romance for Best May-December Romance (2012), Aspen Gold Readers Choice Award 3rd place finalist (2013), Readers' Favorite International Book Award finalist(2012), The Kindle Book Review’s Best Indie Book Awards Nominee for Best SciFi/Fantasy (2013)

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After spending twelve years working as an Analytical Chemist in a Metals and Minerals laboratory, Pippa Jay is now a stay-at-home mum who writes scifi and the supernatural. Somewhere along the way a touch of romance crept into her work and refused to leave. In between torturing her plethora of characters, she spends the odd free moment playing guitar very badly, punishing herself with freestyle street dance, and studying the Dark Side of the Force. Although happily settled in the historical town of Colchester in the UK with her husband of 21 years and three little monsters, she continues to roam the rest of the Universe in her head.

Pippa Jay is a dedicated member of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade, blogging at Spacefreighters Lounge, Adventures in Scifi, and Romancing the Genres. Her works include YA and adult stories crossing a multitude of subgenres from scifi to the paranormal, often with romance, and she’s one of eight authors included in a science fiction romance anthology—Tales from the SFR Brigade. She’s also a double SFR Galaxy Award winner, been a finalist in the Heart of Denver RWA Aspen Gold Contest (3rd place), the EPIC eBook awards, and the GCC RWA Silken Sands Star Awards (2nd place).

You can stalk her at her website, or at her blog, but without doubt her favorite place to hang around and chat is on Twitter as @pippajaygreen.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Interviews with Victoria: Lyle Crane from Unraveled by Alyssa Breck

Victoria: Well readers today I have a bona fide rock star on my couch. Everyone give a warm, spanking welcome to Lyle Crane. You know I'm not fond of long hello's so let's get to it. Would you rather be caught with your pants around your ankles or tied naked to a pole?

Lyle: Ha! Around my ankles because when my pants are down I’m probably having a good time.

Victoria: I guess. Even being strip searched at the airport might be fun, if you're into that kink. My next question is far less sexual. Are you a love at first sight or love is for suckers type of person?

Lyle: The crazy stalker chick in my story believed in love at first sight. Me?  Usually, I’d say love is for suckers. But, you know, sometimes you meet someone who proves you wrong on that.

Victoria: *laughs* Sounds like you meet a lot of women who believe in love at first sight and I highly recommend you get some sort of body guard to protect you from stalkers. Now a little word game: When I say the word 'masticle' what do you think it means?

Lyle: Does that have something to do with testicles? Do I need a cup for this?

Victoria: You're very close. In fact I think you're the first person this month to almost get the answer. Unfortunately, no cups are needed, but I give you kudos for your imagination. Speaking of imagination, what's the kinkiest thing sexually you've ever done?

Lyle: Hmm. I don’t want to embarrass Evie, but there are some things we did that didn’t make it into the book. Like that time I handcuffed her to the guitar stand in my dressing room and made her sing, if you know what I mean. *smiles*   

Victoria: Ooh, sounds like you're quite adventurous. Handcuffs are definitely something I enjoy using, but a securing to a guitar stand is new. Well Lyle, you've inspired me. I've got new ideas for my submissive Royce today. Final question: Tell readers in 1 sentence why your book is what they need?

Lyle: My book is What You Need because who doesn’t want to live out a rock star fantasy?

Victoria: Too true. I have some rock star fantasies I'll be enacting in the near future. Thank you Lyle for the interesting interview. For readers, browse below for more info on Lyle, his Evie, and a rock star fantasy.

Blurb: Brant lives quietly under the romantic radar until a coworker invites her to a concert where she meets Lyle Crane, the sexy singer of a heavy metal band. A little harmless flirting between the shy paralegal and the outgoing rock star provokes a crazed fan to eliminate her competition. 

Chemistry brews between Evie and Lyle when a gunshot rings out in the dark and the unlikely couple is set on a collision course neither of them saw coming.

Buy Link: Amazon 

Author Bio: Alyssa Breck is an author of horror, paranormal romance and erotic fiction.
She grew up reading Stephen King and V.C. Andrews. The Shining
changed her life and sparked a love of all things scary, spooky and spine-chilling. Add some romance to that and she found her niche weaving paranormal and erotic romance stories. Alyssa lives in the south with her family and myriad pets

Author Links: Blog ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Goodreads ~ Amazon

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Interviews with Victoria: Austin from Ember's Secret by Catherine Peace

Victoria: Today I've got Austin from Ember's Secret in my chair. He's a professed foodie and now I'll regret not asking him what he likes to do with food. Thank you for swinging by, Austin. 

Now I won't keep readers in suspsense, let's jump right into the fire Would you rather be caught with your pants around your ankles or tied naked to a pole?

Austin: Uuuuuuuh……...pants around ankles. Definitely. Yeah. Ember doesn’t need any other ideas.

Victoria: Really? I'm curious as to what ideas she has, but instead I'll stick to my original questions.Are you a love at first sight or love is for suckers type of person?

Austin: I was the second type before I met Ember. I know, romantic and sweet and blegh. But true. She’s kind of amazing.

Victoria: All good women are, but you're right too romantic. When I say the word 'masticle' what do you think it means?

Austin: ...I know what a manacle is...and I know a couple different words that start with ‘mast,’ but that is a new one on me………...oh shit. Does that mean what I think it means? Like…..oh holy shit.

Victoria: *laughs* I believe I haven't seen that shade of pink before, and thanks to my flogger and my submissive I've seen lots of shades. On that note: What's the kinkiest thing sexually you've ever done?

Austin: Sure as hell nothing with a ‘masticle.’ But Em’s getting a lot more adventurous. She likes….using food in reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally interesting ways.

Victoria: *snaps fingers* I knew it. Chefs are definitely dangerous ones in the bedroom. Just imagine if she liked pain too. Mmmm... moving on. Last question for you: Tell readers in 1 sentence why your book is what they need?

Austin: Cuz I’m in it? Oh, that’s not a real reason. Because it’s full of everything you need--star-crossed lovers, secrets, an overprotective father (who I totally win over, by the way...well, sort of), and plenty of delicious food to go around. Nice pun, by the way.

Victoria: Thank you, and your book sounds absolutely delicious...*licks lips* For everyone else here's some more information on this tasty treat of a book.

Blurb: Ember only wants two things out of life: to be reunited with her sisters, and to see people come back to her cafĂ©. Catering to people she never sees again, she experiences a loneliness that can’t be filled. As one of the last Whakamanu—a descendant of the Maori bird-god Tane—she has to hold on to the secrets of her tribe. Family first.
Gourmet TV personality Austin Garten, host of the popular show Back Road Eats, needs more in his life than Breadbasket America grilling. He’s tired of the safe routes, the easy and dependable foods that the Network loves to display. When his RV breaks down in Wyoming, and he learns about Kai, a Maori restaurant outside of Casper, his interest is piqued. Once he meets the proprietor, he realizes he’s wants more than just her food. He wants her.
Ember isn’t too sure. The Solstice, the Maori New Year, is fast approaching, and with the heat in her kitchen ratcheting up, she knows she can’t keep her secret for much longer. But will Austin be able to accept her? Or will her secret drive them apart?

Buy Links: Amazon ~ iTunes ~ Kobo

Author Bio:
Catherine Peace has been telling stories for as long as she could remember. She often blames two things for her forays into speculative fiction—Syfy (when it was SciFi) channel Sundays with her dad and The Island of Dr. Moreau by HG Wells. She graduated in 2008 from Northern Kentucky University with a degree in English and is still chasing the dream of being super rich and famous, mostly so she can sit around in her PJs all day and write stories. When not being a slave to the people in her head, she’s a slave to two adorable dogs.

Where to find Cate: 
Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Blog: Going from Nobody to Somebody ~ Blog: The Pen Punks ~  Reviewer for: Indie Books R Us ~ Founder of: Scream for the Cure