Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finding my niche

Okay.... so I disappeared for a while again. But the disappearance was productive. I revised a query and am in the process of getting it torn apart by some peers.

I am working on my latest and greatest project still and have been submitting some snippets on Critique Circle, which has been interesting. The feedback, though free, comes at a price. You can never be certain if the feedback you receive is quality or just for quantity.

I would like to say that I have special place for a few CC members that have been a great help in beta-testing my newest work and I recommend the site to those who are just not sure.

Now for my fake promises (*cheesy smile)... I vow to attempt at least one blog post a week and that my posts will be of a purposeful nature. I vow to keep any rants limited and plan on a fruitful posts that involve sugar plums, wisps of clouds, and dandelions that roar. Finally I vow to one day succeed in getting at least 2 poor souls that actually want to read this silly blog on a weekly

Goodnight, and happy dousing.