Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving---to all and to me!

So, Thanksgiving is a few days away and I am feeling in the thankful mood.

My thanks (here goes):
-I am thankful for a loving family, a good job, and my week long vacation.
-I am thankful for the Internet, and blogger... as I have found both to be very helpful on my writing quest.
-I am thankful for Evil Editor, Phoenix Sullivan, Query Shark, Lynette Labelle, and a slew of others that have provided me insight over the last 12 months.
-I am thankful for this laptop, without it my writing would be strewn across tablets of paper.
-Finally I am thankful for good food, a bottle of Bud light, and music... all three keep my creativity flowing.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just submitted to a great contest

To writers everywhere:

I just submitted to a great contest, Fairest of them all .

I really enjoy it when other's with experience take the time to mentor and share their knowledge with those who may not be at the head of the pack. It is refreshing to really get in the spirit of competition as well and I only hope that my entry is worthy of being chosen.

So, to all who need a little query buffing, similar to bikini waxing--but much more painful, click the link above and check out Lynnette Labelle's blog. She is offering up 4 detailed query critiques for a little bit of work on the author's part. Deadline submission is Friday, Nov. 12th.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


So, the month of November is here and NanoWriMo has officially begun.

Am I taking part... ummmm, sort of. Not really, but I will try to accomplish more in the ways of writing this month than in the month of October.

I am back again toiling at Helium and posted a new intro for another novel idea that has been tossing around in my brain. I really need to work on editing the original book I finished in January. Re-tool and edit the synopsis and query into a fine piece of literature.

Unfortunately the new idea beckoned to me tonight and I went ahead a jotted down a few hundred words of effort. Time is my enemy... my goals of being published by 2012 are severely dwindling.

So, NanoWriMo, serious NO GO! But with every effort I will re-dedicated more of my time to writing. In fact I already am with this blog post :) Talley-Ho, Tweedle-Loo!