Saturday, November 6, 2010


So, the month of November is here and NanoWriMo has officially begun.

Am I taking part... ummmm, sort of. Not really, but I will try to accomplish more in the ways of writing this month than in the month of October.

I am back again toiling at Helium and posted a new intro for another novel idea that has been tossing around in my brain. I really need to work on editing the original book I finished in January. Re-tool and edit the synopsis and query into a fine piece of literature.

Unfortunately the new idea beckoned to me tonight and I went ahead a jotted down a few hundred words of effort. Time is my enemy... my goals of being published by 2012 are severely dwindling.

So, NanoWriMo, serious NO GO! But with every effort I will re-dedicated more of my time to writing. In fact I already am with this blog post :) Talley-Ho, Tweedle-Loo!

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