Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Longing for the past

As a member of the never-ending rat race I try to dwell in the present and future vs. the past. The idea of keeping my mind occupied with moving forward is a challenge to say the least.

Never a day goes by when my memory banks aren't stirred with thoughts of my previous existence via driving by a particular location, seeing a post from an old friend on Facebook, or hearing a song on the radio. How I long for the sweet days of freedom and less responsibility. Even now I would happily turn the clock back 72 hours for a chance to right wrongs or provide my mouth with a much needed filter.

"Hindsight is 20/20"

We see more clearly in the future what we should have done in the past and the quote above only re-confirms this. I do regret those decisions that I made out of anger and frustration. Giving up my precious violin to focus on friends and money or not adjusting quickly to the required fancy dress up that comes with being an adult woman.

I firmly believe we are also jealous of our former selves, our innocence, naveity. The world was much simpler at the age of 6 then at 16 or 26. When running around without shaven legs was not faux pas. The unibrow did not exist and dresses were for make-believe.

So while I sit wishing for the days when I could sprawl out on the couch and read for hours without interruption, or lounge around with my un-shaven legs in my mother's bell bottoms from the 60's, please forgive my divulge into the past.

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