Monday, September 6, 2010

Ding* Light dawns on marble head

Writing is a tough job, hobby, or whatever you may call it. I find that the most simple communication can be hard to understand because with writing the author has to not only speak the words but describe the voice that is providing them.

How often do you read what a person may write in an email or blog and not know the manner in which they speak the words? I find this a common problem even with a simple post to facebook.

I could say, "Well, isn't that special!"

This one phrase could be taken in the following ways:

-I am being completely sarcastic and rude.
-I really mean something is truly special.

Which is it? Readers may never know. Now if I add a smile :), does that change things. Nonewhatsoever! Unless you know who I am my intentions will be completely unknown. One can only assume.

All I mean to say by this is that people, myself included, have to be cautious when posting their comments and feelings on a blog. Especially those of us who are budding author's. I don't want someone to think I have a poor attitude to constructive criticism. But I do want to express my opinion's and provide feedback if I feel it is needed.

Reading comments posted by others I find that sometimes words are misconstrued and maybe we should take more time double-checking our response before we click the button that reveals our thoughts to the world.

While I may think that XYZ is a completely moronic thing to say, hurting another's feelings with those exact words is not conducive to my aims as a person or goals as a writer.

As I always tell my children: Every person is responsible for everything they do or say, and the consequences or reactions that follow.

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