Monday, September 13, 2010

Talk about Buzz!

Here I am toiling away at the beginning of a late night and what do I spy? Blog writers in the publishing world talking about creating buzz!

Now in that area I am skilled. My creative writing forces are in desperate need of honing, but marketing is a whole-nother story. My degree is in marketing and my favorite topic of discussion with peers of late is buzz!

Buzz otherwise known as viral marketing is the fine art of marketing through word of mouth or any form of communication.

We get our thoughts "viral" everyday via phone calls to friends, discussions with co-workers, and our desperate need to communicate via various Internet applications. My blog being one of those (*wink). How do you create the right buzz though?
This is my big question. In the evolving age of communication, especially on the Internet, we are inundated by spam everyday. While spam is just a marketing ploy it mimics viral marketing taking the shape of emails, blog comments, etc. How do you control it? How do you convince others that your piece of info is not the next piece of spam eagerly waiting to be blocked?

- Gain more friends. Don't pitch right away... sell yourself, then your book.
- Encourage relatives, co-workers, and family to help spread the news the "viral" way.
- Share other ideas besides just your book pitch. You want to be interesting not annoying.

These are my brilliant marketing thoughts at 11pm CST. I would love to hear yours.

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