Monday, February 28, 2011

Check it out!

A couple of months ago I emailed a question to the wonderful Jessica at Bookends, definitely one of those questions that you don't get answers to from reading writing books. Check it out here!

She provides a great point of view about writing different genres.

FYI:  Janet Reid is sharing great info about Twitter and Nathan Bransford is talking Facebook for Authors.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bad, bad Slush

I have not been a very good Slush lately. Twice now I missed my Saturday posting, but I am making up for it today! Yea!

Let's talk about author websites.
Now, I am no expert on website design. I have had a role in developing 3 websites for various groups: a costume character business, a paranormal group (Supernatural Truth), and a dog rescue (Pawsibilities). I proud of my small accomplishment and like the fact that I have designed websites I believe are user friendly and easy to navigate. Then I visit author's websites simply to learn more about the books published and little more about the author. This plays a big role in the books I purchase.

Which leads me to this question:
Why design something that is a total cluster???

In the past couple of days I have seen probably 6 to 7 different author websites that are difficult to navigate, confusing, and do not allow potential readers to easily see the author's books or blurbs about them. The home pages have too much info on them, and cause confusion.

While having a great blog, twitter account, and other social media influence to gain readers is awesome. The original way to interest readers (IMO) is to have a simplistic and great website.
My best advice: KISS! Keep it simple, silly!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Email Excerpt #2

I sent a message to you a week ago but so far no reply from you to discuss getting her pulled and vetting done. Your lack of communication is unprofessional and unwarranted. Your making descions without even cunsulting the person whose name is also on the licesnce. I have asked you what's wrong, are you upset, and nothing concrete to explain your behavior. I want to meet with you tomorrow, let me what time works for you.
What I love: you try to sound intelligent, and can't even use the spellchecker before you send your email. I am making 'descions' without you. Is that some sort of Battlestar Galatica term? Maybe I'm making scion like robots? Not 'cun-sulting', that just sounds like a new profanity term! Now you want to meet me in person to discuss your issues. Let me say that I am professional and whatever issues I have can be communicated without having to listen to you butcher the English language. When I visually get the picture!
Stick to small words in the future and you will go far.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Revolt!!! (Contest alert)

Okay this is a little late in the game... but I thought it would be good to post an upcoming contest, and mention a couple of other fun things.

All this talk about fellow members of the human race protesting their leaders in Northern African and the Middle East makes this contest a must enter for those who have their brains on the topic. The deadline is March 15th, and the reward is nice too. Click the title above to head to the infodump.

Plus, Lynette Labelle @chatterbox chitchat has a great blog on creating tension in a single character scene.

If you are still looking for fun stuff to do you can check out the Romance Bandits . Just about every day these lovely group of heart stealer's give away goodies (books and other swag) to lucky commenter's on the blog posts. You learn so much about good reads coming up in the romance category (all genres). Not to mention the ladies are just good ol' fun.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Email Excerpt #1

I feel like you are not comfortable with my decisions. It is not what you said to me, but the feeling I get with the urgency to get this taken care of all of a sudden. I won't lie that I feel like you don't do what you say you are going to. Things never go as you say they are. I don't mean to seem like I am attacking you, but if we are going to work together I am going to need to know you trust me.

I don't trust you or feel comfortable with your decisions; that should be evident by the email I sent. Your feelings are irrelevant. I need action, not emotion. If you won't lie, I won't either.  Things are obviously not going my way or as I say because you sent this email. As far as attacking me, sticks and stones baby... sticks and stones.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Through analyzing the last couple years of my life I have found a new weakness... I don't like praise. It makes me feel icky. Don't get me wrong, my vanity and ego cry otherwise to my previous statements. Yet as soon as someone offers praise in my direction I feel like someone fishing for compliments. Was I truly fishing or just doing what I set out upon and the appreciations were well deserved?

Regardless of my desire for it and guilt of it, I believe that praise should be cast upon others as much as possible. I make it a point to declare to my co-workers, spouse, and friends how awesome they are! Everyday, if I can, I share these open sentiments because gosh knows I feel the yearn to receive them. So naturally I feel that others do too. A person feels better when that gracious comment is followed with a smile, right?

Now some people may believe that I want something in return for my praise, but I don't. I just want to make someone feel good with words. If I can't do that with my stories, maybe a sentence toward someone's hard work will.