Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Email Excerpt #2

I sent a message to you a week ago but so far no reply from you to discuss getting her pulled and vetting done. Your lack of communication is unprofessional and unwarranted. Your making descions without even cunsulting the person whose name is also on the licesnce. I have asked you what's wrong, are you upset, and nothing concrete to explain your behavior. I want to meet with you tomorrow, let me what time works for you.
What I love: you try to sound intelligent, and can't even use the spellchecker before you send your email. I am making 'descions' without you. Is that some sort of Battlestar Galatica term? Maybe I'm making scion like robots? Not 'cun-sulting', that just sounds like a new profanity term! Now you want to meet me in person to discuss your issues. Let me say that I am professional and whatever issues I have can be communicated without having to listen to you butcher the English language. When I visually get the picture!
Stick to small words in the future and you will go far.

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