Saturday, February 5, 2011


Through analyzing the last couple years of my life I have found a new weakness... I don't like praise. It makes me feel icky. Don't get me wrong, my vanity and ego cry otherwise to my previous statements. Yet as soon as someone offers praise in my direction I feel like someone fishing for compliments. Was I truly fishing or just doing what I set out upon and the appreciations were well deserved?

Regardless of my desire for it and guilt of it, I believe that praise should be cast upon others as much as possible. I make it a point to declare to my co-workers, spouse, and friends how awesome they are! Everyday, if I can, I share these open sentiments because gosh knows I feel the yearn to receive them. So naturally I feel that others do too. A person feels better when that gracious comment is followed with a smile, right?

Now some people may believe that I want something in return for my praise, but I don't. I just want to make someone feel good with words. If I can't do that with my stories, maybe a sentence toward someone's hard work will.

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