Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bad, bad Slush

I have not been a very good Slush lately. Twice now I missed my Saturday posting, but I am making up for it today! Yea!

Let's talk about author websites.
Now, I am no expert on website design. I have had a role in developing 3 websites for various groups: a costume character business, a paranormal group (Supernatural Truth), and a dog rescue (Pawsibilities). I proud of my small accomplishment and like the fact that I have designed websites I believe are user friendly and easy to navigate. Then I visit author's websites simply to learn more about the books published and little more about the author. This plays a big role in the books I purchase.

Which leads me to this question:
Why design something that is a total cluster???

In the past couple of days I have seen probably 6 to 7 different author websites that are difficult to navigate, confusing, and do not allow potential readers to easily see the author's books or blurbs about them. The home pages have too much info on them, and cause confusion.

While having a great blog, twitter account, and other social media influence to gain readers is awesome. The original way to interest readers (IMO) is to have a simplistic and great website.
My best advice: KISS! Keep it simple, silly!

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