Thursday, June 13, 2013

RT 13 Recap 1: Amazing Dinner with Jennifer Blake and Christina Skye

A- My post is extremely late. B- I've been a busy bee. C- I've got 15 minutes to hammer this out and then skip to the kitchen to make dinner for tomorrow, then a shower, then bed. D- No more alphabet letters.

This first one is all about my awesome Friday Night RT Dinner Date with Jennifer Blake and Christina Skye.

My arrival was announced with snow, rain, and just ick weather, but that didn't stop me. I made it right on time, milled around the convention's host hotel lobby. Got to introduce myself to Shana Galen *squee* and then found my dinner partners.

Jennifer and Christina were bound for the delicious Jack Stack BBQ. That's one thing all non-natives to Kansas City must know, if you visit the K-to-the-C you must eat BBQ at least once.

So we ate, well not right away. It was more like we waited. The Country Club Plaza on a Friday Night in May is crazy. We didn't eat the other guests... Donner party of 3. No, we made it to a table and proceed to indulge in salad, trout (delicious), burnt ends and delicious baked potatoes. I had a marvelous time and learned wonderful things.

The top 3: Every thing, every experience is a story waiting to unfold, write what you love always, and you have to find a balance between writing for love and writing for business.

Landra and Jennifer
I learned a bunch of other things, but a wise woman once said, "You can't give away all your secrets to success." So, I'll keep a few tidbits to myself. One thing I will say is that I was humbled. These women were all that is polite, courteous, and responsive to me. I couldn't stop thinking, "Here I am eating with these women who've accomplished so much, who've worked so hard." My goal is to one day experience just a small percentage of their success.

Definitely, an experience worth any amount of last minute planning and finagling. I can only hope to save up the funds for RT 2014 in New Orleans. I can't wait for a chance to spend another evening with these ladies and hopefully by then I'll be published. To those wonderful ladies, thank you for making a fledgling's dream come true. I was Cinderella for 1 night for sure.

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