Sunday, April 3, 2011

60k n 60 days

The contest has started. It's going to be a long battle uphill, but me and 16 others are determined to win!
We shall develop, write, edit, and publish a novel in 60 days. What can you do? Follow us on Twitter, offer your support/praise/uplifting words. Hells bells we're gonna need it. 

To find us just search #60n60 on the Twitter.

Check out for updates as we courageously navigate the sludge filled waters of fast-paced, self imposed deadline stress.

For those out there thinking about embarking on similar quests following us may give you some ideas of your own. Who knows if this one is successful we may go for a round 2. I think everyone will want a reprieve at the end of at least a month. Who knows for sure though?

If I'm a little late with my posts or if I miss them altogether please forgive me. I am probably buried in my notebooks of dialogue and empty Dr. Pepper cans, suffering from some sort of finger disease.


  1. Whoo! Go, Team Slush! *flails pom-poms* You can do eeeeet!

  2. Good luck, Slush!

    I'm not playing, but I have a similar self-imposed deadline of 2 months for about 90K words.

    Do we really beat ourselves up like this for the love? :o)

  3. Thanks for the cheers and support. I am 6 days in, outline is done, writing started!

    Will keep everyone updated.

  4. @Phoneix Yes we beat ourselves up, into a bloody pulp. The love, yes... it's much appreciated.

  5. Hi Landra, I found you via the Sassy Sisters and after a quick peak into your past posts (ooh that sounds sus huh?), I'm thinking that you sound like an absolute gem so: I'm a follower (can be sung to The Monkees "I'm A Believer" if you so choose).

    Anyway I'm on a bit of a break ATM but I'll be following your progress on your amazing and ambitious 'novel in 60 days' quest. I'll do what I can to motivate and support you.

    Go girl! (See? Bet you feel all kinds of motivated now huh?)

  6. @Elissa Aw, you're sweet. Thx for the suuport and yes those words definitely got me motivated.