Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Elephant Got Eaten by a Lion

The last couple of weeks have been mind-numbing to say the least. Here I am, an aspiring writer, in a contest to write a 60k novel in 60 days (one huge elephant) and I got devoured by a lion (life, job, life).

That's right, a taunt, thick-maned, full-grown adult male! This lion includes hospital trips for my co-worker (the only other person who knows how to do my job), my car getting caught in a giant rain puddle, entire family sick and ill, Easter holiday and guests, and 60 hours work weeks.

Now I have to regroup! How do other writer's do it? I can't run away to a secret island or hidaway. The hubby and kids refuse to be left to their own devices. Locking myself in a room for an hour is practically impossible.

Do you ever feel like when you finally have a handle on your dream that fate tends to shove it's way in to de-rail you?

That's how it feels right now! Crappy Fates! Solutions and tips are welcome!


  1. First up, commiserations on your last couple of weeks - mine have been equally sucky!

    I know some people get up at half past stupid (waaaaay before sunrise) and write then but if you're working long hours then this is not a good solution. If you take public transport then you could try writing or editing while you travel - if you drive.....Next tip please. Well I could ramble on for ages but the bottom line is sometimes you either just have to make the time and if it's impossible to make the time then you just have to console yourself that it won't be like this forever and once you're over this hump then you'll write like the wind!

    Either way cut yourself some slack - you're human and you've got responsibilities and it's highly admirable that you're looking after your family and doing what needs to be done. Having said that, take a good look at your routine and see if there aren't a few things that could be placed lower on the priority list or that you could do differently to give yourself more time to yourself.

    Oooooh I just had a brain wave - if you do drive to work, buy yourself one of those dictaphone thingames and you can record your writing on the way to and from work - it may not be the way you want to do it but at least it's an outlet.

    And tell that lion to watch out, because you'll be coming after him with a razor very soon!

  2. I was derailed for 20 years. And when I got back to it -- wow, Internet and blogs and research I could conduct at home. The whole landscape had change -- much of it for the better. Everything in its time. As dear old Aunt May said, "You're not Superman, you know."