Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A purple sheep among white sheep

Sometimes I feel like a purple sheep.
A purple sheep is intelligent, funny, occasionally witty, and slightly deranged (aren't we all?).

Being a purple sheep should be grand, but there are major flaws. To be a purple sheep means that the white sheep don't always accept her. They acknowledge her abilities, her strength, and her talents. Yet the purple sheep is not allowed to progress as the white sheep do. She is overlooked when the farmer plans to move the herd to greener pastures. The shearing of her wool is not done 'til last. The white sheep don't invite her to play their games or participate in their fencing jumping.

So the purple sheep tries to be a white one. She rolls in the snow attempting to coat her color. She stands up proudly in a thunderstorm praying that the cascading downpour will wash away the awful hue. How she longs to be a white sheep, but the change never comes.

Today I feel like a purple sheep.

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