Sunday, January 22, 2012

Love dogs? This might be up your alley! * Update*

Everyone who follows me on Twitter, Facebook, or even this blog knows that I'm not good at promoting my own stuff. I find it challenging because I don't want to over saturate people with ad like posts, and constantly attempt to drive attention to my activities outside of the blog. That being said, when I do post something about my outside-this-blog activities that means it's near and dear to my heart.
Without further ado, I would like to announce the upcoming:

Pawsibilities ‘I <3 Rescue Dogs’ Blog Tour
*Update*- Awesome author and fellow blogger Cate has just offered up a great giveaway for those on the fence about participating. If you leave a comment on her post about the tour here and sign up for participation (even just one week) then you get entered into a drawing for a $25 GC from Amazon. The drawing will be done on Feb. 20th our blog tour launch date*

Our rescue blog ‘Small Town Rescue’ is hosting an 8-week blog tour all about rescue dogs and pets, and the owners who love them. The tour starts Monday, February 20th, 2012, and is a great chance to show your love for the animals that have touched your heart or changed your life. Now how do you get involved? Easy, you sign up! Below you'll find info on how to sign your blog up to participate.

What does participating mean?

It means you’re committing to posting 1 blog post a week, based on that particular week’s theme. Anyone can be involved: rescue, author, chef, mom, or random blogger. You can choose the day you would like to make your theme post on your blog. Just let us know which day that is so we can help promote your involvement. With the post, if you’d like hold a giveaway for commenters you can. All we ask is that with each post you add a small blurb about our tour/rescue and a link back to our blog. There’s no other catch; we just want to hear your stories and information, and spread our stories and information as well.

What are the Themes?

Week 1 (2/20-2/26) - Favorite animal organization/rescue

Week 2 (2/27-3/4) - Favorite pet story (Tell us about your favorite pet! Doesn’t have to be a dog)

Week 3 (3/5-3/11) - Favorite animal-related book, movie, song, etc.

Week 4 (3/12-3/18) - What I know about dog rescues organizations?

Week 5 (3/19-3/25) - The gorgeous, the active, and the unique. Tell us your favorite dog breed.

Week 6 (3/26-4/1) - Favorite Dog/Pet Stores in your area.

Week 7 (4/2-4/8) - Favorite dog parks and dog-friendly attractions in your area.

Week 8 (4/9-4/15) - If I had a dream… What would you do for rescue dogs if you could?

What if I can’t blog, but still want to be involved?

-Mention and promote our tour on your blog/tweet stream/ facebook wall over the course of the tour.

-Send us an item to give away on one of our themed posts; we will link back to your blog/website and promote information about you in return.

If interested:

-Send an email to

-Include your info: link to blog, website, email, and any other information you’d like me to have.

-Tell me which weeks you would like to participate in (you’re not required to participate in all of them), and which day of the week you’re planning on posting.

-If you can’t participate by blogging, let me know how you would like to assist.

P.S. If you visit the rescue blog, there's not a ton of content up yet. We're really just getting started! :)


  1. What a fabulous idea for calling attention to rescue organizations everywhere!

    I'm in! I just posted the call on my Confessions of an Animal Junkie blog. Looking forward to Feb. 20!

  2. I hate I missed the announcement. But I totally want to participate. I'll email you.

    1. You didn't miss anything, because you're here and participating. Got your email and really appreciate your involvement. Plus your added incentive! :)

  3. Thank you Phoenix for participating. Means a lot to me and the other rescue gals.

  4. Also, I forgot to mention in the post, we're going to have prizes. Gift card giveaways, book giveaways and more during the blogfest. It's super exciting.