Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fails and Fabs- Jan. 7th, 2012

My first writing goal related post! As mentioned previously in my 2011 Recap, Lori Sizemore (my critique partner) and I are putting the pedal to the medal in 2012 (at least we're trying to). Each week I'll be posting a Fails and Fabs post on Saturdays to cover my writing success (fab) or lack thereof (fail).

I hope you enjoy these. The posts are more designed for my public humiliation and torture; a way to keep me from lying to myself and be more responsible. :)

-Started review blog  'Indie Books R Us' with Cate and had a fairly successful launch week.
-Posted 3 reviews.
-Successful evaluation of initial story ideas; meaning my ideas seem to work and our solid.

-Novel plotting came in at 1.5 hours. (boo!) I'm supposed to be plotting an hour a day.
-No new review posts or anything finished.
-Spent more time reading this week then anything, double boo! (A plus if you're reading only for fun but I have commitments)

Plus side! Lori reports that she didn't write a thing! Woot/Boo! So right now my 1.5 hours of plotting are leaving her in a trail of dust. My resolve is to plot more, as new ideas have sprung a leak in my brain since midnight Friday.

Motivational Photo of the week:

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