Sunday, January 15, 2012

Funday Monday- Jan. 15th, 2012

Update Below!

It's another Monday. Woot! And a national holiday in the United States. For those lucky enough to get the day off kudos to you! I'm not in that group and so away I go to the office for my daily grind.

But if you are off today then maybe it's time to think about submissions! That's the topic for today's Funday Monday, places to submit your writing. There's lots of contests, and other things happening. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at what I have. Here's 5 for you.

1. Felt Tips Anthology- Erotic Fans break out the staplers, highlighters, rulers, and phone cords. This is the first ever office supply-related erotica anthology. Edited by the lovely, pain-inducing Tiffany Reisz. Deadline is Feb. 14th to submit your story. For more details click the link. All proceeds from sales will benefit a charity organization that helps needy kids acquire school supplies.

2. Wild at Heart Anthology- Another anthology that is purchase proceeds to a good cause, the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Rescue. This one is edited by the romance author Delilah Devlin. Deadline for submission is April 1st, 2012. Stories can span any genre, and submissions will be accepted from all authors. For examples of what the editor is looking for and for more details click the link.

3. The Crime Factory- For crime writers of fiction, non-fiction, memoirs this may be the spot for you. This particular group is also looking for reviewers and photography/comics/art. No particulars on deadlines, but for more info check out the link.

4. Etopia Press- This one is a new one for me. But the plus I've seen so far is that they pay. Etopia is specifically on the look out for Erotica, YA, Urban Fantasy, and Historical romance. There may be a few other areas I missed, so check out their site.

5. Entangled Publishing- There's a ton of romance submission opportunities over at Entangled. When you go to the link be sure to check out their blog too! Special open calls are posted on there and I've seen at least 3-4 go up in the last couple of months. Particular categories are what they focus on, but if you're up for some direction then picking one of their request areas may be a good idea.

*As with all open call and open submission posts I recommend that authors do their own research on the groups, editors, etc. to determine if they want to participate. My research may be limited to nothing more than a quick look for the basic information. The nitty gritty details may not be privy to me.*

Happy Monday!

Additional anthology submission: Pugalicious press is accepting submissions for a YA Historical Romance anthology called Timeless! Stories can be between 3000 to 7500 words. Deadline for submission is March 30th, 2012. For more info clikc the link!


  1. They've got a holiday in the US? I had no idea. Lucky them!

    At least I'm lucky in liking my job, though.

  2. Thanks for the linkage, Landra! I didn't get today off either (stupid hotels), but looks like there are some great opportunities for the writings. Yay!