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Review: Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacey

Review: Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacey

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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-Overbearing boss, check.

-Abandoned high school sweetheart, now a rich and reclusive novelist, check.

-Impossible task of getting ex-boyfriend to agree to an exclusive interview, check.

Those three things have put Keri Daniels in one of the most awkward situations since she broke up with Joseph Kowalski over 18 years ago. Even more disappointing is that Joe has agreed to the interview, but only if Keri goes on the annual Kowalski family camping trip—for 2 weeks. Add in a twin sister that used to be Keri’s best friend and a mountain of sexual tension, and you’ve got a story that will have you laughing and crying into the late night hours.

Exclusively Yours is one of those contemporaries that has a little bit of everything: awesome story, easy flowing dialogue, and characters that attach to your heart. Keri and Joe are the couple that got torn apart by dreams and misunderstandings. It doesn’t take long to realize that there is a lot of baggage and unspoken words between these two.

As the story unfolds I came to be truly invested in the outcome of this reunion. Keri is dedicated to her career, but in order to keep it she is being forced to betray Joe and his family. Ultimately, I wondered if her character was cold-hearted enough to do it. Joe is still swept away by his first love. Seeing her again, as a hardened city-type, makes him wonder if there’s any way to get back the Keri he used to know. I loved how Joe is willing to sacrifice his personal independence for a second shot at being with Keri. The challenge and excitement in the story comes from the obvious road-blocks put into place by their past and the Kolwaski family.

The setting and secondary characters really amped up the novel in my opinion. I loved the jokes, the 4-wheeling adventures that turned messy, and Keri’s testy relationship with Joe’s twin, Terry. The only thing that took me off guard was that the ending was not as climatic as I was hoping.

Overall a great start to a series with a family I desperately wish I could hang out with. Stacey easily provides a great escape. For those who like a good contemporary with some natural comedy Exclusively Yours should be on your purchase list.

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