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Review: Undeniably Yours by Shannon Stacey

Review: Undeniably Yours by Shannon Stacey

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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Sometimes the most unexpected thing turns into something wonderful…

While I’m a fan of the Kolwaski clan and Stacey’s contemporary romance series, Undeniably Yours is not the best of the bunch. The second story in this series is focused on Kevin Kolwaski, divorced bar owner, and Beth Hansen, a one-night stand that quickly becomes something more.

Kevin is wonderful as an established businessman with a good heart. Beth comes to him with the news she’s carrying his child, and he immediately wants to do right by her. Unfortunately, a sheltered childhood has left Beth with a severe independent streak. She doesn’t want any help or need any help. An unplanned pregnancy is the last thing Beth wants to deal with, but her options become limited once the Kolwaski clan finds out about her impending birth.

Stacey brings back the Kolwaski clan in book 2 with more fervor and determination. Baby carrying Beth doesn’t know what to make of this family determined to welcome her into the fold. Kevin, settled with the idea of becoming a dad, is more than happy to assist Beth and downright welcomes the chance to pursue their relationship. Beth is having none of it though, as she insists on limited help and only a friendship.

What made this book downright annoying is Beth. Her character is a little overboard with the independence, and the belief that everyone is trying to control her. Halfway through the book these musings get a little old and multiple times I wanted to strangle Beth’s stubborn streak into submission. It definitely took a little too long for this character to grow. Kevin on the other hand is a hero to snag and never let go. He’s the caring and sentimental type. While determined to try his best to win Beth over, he respects her wishes and is honest in his expectations and desires.

There is also a second plot involving Kevin’s bar manager Pauly. This secondary plot was interesting, but I desired a little more meat in the main plot. I wanted there to be more Kevin and Beth rather than just an unplanned pregnancy, and Beth’s ‘I don’t need help’ stance whenever Kevin tries to get close. Regardless of my personal feelings, the dialogue and emotions were realistic, and the plot well-paced.
Overall, the story is good if you can overcome Beth’s continuous issues. Some readers may appreciate Beth’s attitudes and thoughts as good conflict; though you may find more interest in the secondary storyline and the re-appearance of many Kolwaski family favorites.

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