Thursday, March 17, 2011


Starting messing around and next thing I know I am rapping about DABWAHA... old school.

So here ya go! To the tune of Ice Ice Baby

Yo, DABWAHA. Let's Kick it!

Alright stop collaborate and listen
DABWAHA is back with a new competition
Voting has begun finally
Try to do both, daily & nightly
Who's gonna win, I don't know.
Bribes are being posted, fo' sho
To the extreme Meljean's like a vandal.
Hoping for an upset of Last Night's Scandal
Tweet, in support of your favorite authors
Otherwise bribe folks with your coffers
Deadly, are the historical lovers
Don't be fooled even if they're mothers
Love it or like it just don't hate
You better just hope your not to late
If there's trash talk, yo I'll ignore it
Check out my blog while the DJ revolves it


2nd verse is still open for takers. Comment with a second verse, I will select one as the winner on Sunday March 21st. Grand Prize 1 book of your choice from the contestants of DABWAHA.

Also, just in case don't forget to vote!


  1. so so awesome. And pretty sure that is the first time I've used that adjective in conjunction with Vanilla Ice.

  2. So amazing. Now I have that song in my head! ahh! I actually got the 2nd verse, pasted it in Word to try and do it but then I realized, dang I have too much work to do! I will be back for any amazing entries!

  3. Wow. That is equal parts awesome and hilarious. Nice work! :)