Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another week awaits

As promised anything and everything.

I have had a blast over the last 7 days getting familiar with Twitter. I'm finding friendly people and lovin' every minute of it. Fav authors, agents, and aspiring writers to converse with. Let me tell you how lonely it feels when a writer does not have any others to talk to. Purple Sheep indeed!

My voracious reading appetites have not slacked in the last several weeks. In fact I would say they are worse then ever. The current WIP I have moved to is a large, steamy pile of dren. I vow to change that in the near future. The next genre of my devouring will be Fantasy starting in April. Thanks to Sarah Megibow for reminding me of my love for that particular set of tasty morsels. Plus my list of must read Historicals before March runs out is quickly increasing.

Now with Monday here I must set aside my fun, and return to painstaking reality. A job, eww, but still thankful I have one. Time to button down and work my tail off. You know how it goes... life, it just gets in the way!

P.S. Fun email excerpt coming, ridiculous but fun.

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