Thursday, March 10, 2011

Born This Way

Random Thought: Was I born this way?? *Lady Gaga had a little bit in the inspiration.
Born to write, annoy, and pester myself to oblivion. I would say so.

Everyone has body parts, visual flaws, etc. that they despise. What I want to discuss is those pesky personality traits that seem to be the least analyzed. The little quirky things you do verbally in your interactions with friends, companions, husbands, kids, etc.

As a naive youth I rebelled against those who tried to tell me that my personality was annoying, my mouth a fountain of verbal diarrhea, and gossip tendencies bound to land me on the wrong side of ditch (bloody and dead)! I grew up and realized it pays to shut my mouth. Verbal diarrhea is still present from time to time; all sailor influenced I swear!
*I'm going somewhere with this I promise.

I did realize that there are parts of my personality that I can't change. My uber-craziness with people who disrespect others. The severe homicidal tendencies experienced when myself or others I know are looked down on. My passion for creative curse words. The insatiable desire I have for attention from others, and the imaginary thought that I look good in red! Plus a dozen or so other blah blah's.

Bottom Line:
As a writer if you can define your own personality weaknesses, I believe that you are better equipped to write your character's strengths and flaws. I'm not saying take a psychology class (although it may help). I am saying that by analyzing your inner personality weakness' and paying attention to little quirks of others you can craft characters that suffer from more then just pride or a bout of jealously.

Just as you were born this way, your characters are born a certain way. Don't settle for simplicity, dig deeper and find the complexity that makes them who they are.

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