Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blog Joy Saturday

We Interrupt This Programming for an Important Announcement!
Tomorrow, more like 3am (some of you may still consider that Saturday), is the launch of Daylight Savings Time in the United States. Joy for the loss of 1 hour of sleep *sarcastic snort.

Now back to the regular scheduled post

Blog Joy Saturday

To write is to also read. You cannot expect to be a good writer unless you consume volumes of elaborate prose within the genre you adore correct? Most agents and authors would agree, although I am sure there are some out there who fall outside of that mold.

Regardless to help all of you wonderful people get their daily dose of reading I propose blogs as a medium to turn to when you are tired of news articles, magazines of celebrity hounding, and no time for reading a full book or short story. Heck, blogs usually tell the story. The story of the downtrodden, misty eyed, aspiring romantic author. The story of the witty, acerbic science fiction author that provide a humor, curse-filled look at ordinary topics.
To help you find some of these places, which exist beyond the blogger realm, I provide links of delight, pictures of morsels, tasty ideas (yes, I know too much description. Show don't tell). Here's to the showing.

My Top Five Blogs of Saturday

5. Maisey Yates I know after you all read this list you are going to say I am a little leaning with my Top 5 this week, I say boo! If it's good I will post it. Maisey is a wonderful romance author. She speaks from the heart and I like her. Spunky, sassy, and I am sure raising three kids deserves a ton of praise! Her blog is on her website. She offers a neat perspective and insight to writing, fun stories, and some giveaways. I encourage a look at someone who has accomplished her dreams and is living them.

4. The Semi-Organic Mom Like talking about kids, motherhood, and laughing at those funny stories only Mom's have (because the kids do the silliest stuff). Then Semi-Organic Mom is the way to travel. She also offers some great advice and research on mom topics, even for those who are not quite a mom but on their way (bun in the oven, pot on to boil, spawn of hell waiting to burst, etc).

3. Life, Muse, and Coffee This blog I just found. Great advice for writers, fun interviews to different authors I would have never thought to check out. All around fun and enlightenment. Just take a peek!

2. Limecello!!! Lime offers a little bit of fun. There are interviews, recipes, ranging comments. Just good times, great posts, and laughs. Her blog makes you feel like having fun and Lime is always eager to respond to her commenter's. Plus I recently won a free book from Lime's blog and love the idea of giveaways!

1. The Season Blog Are you interested in romance??? The Season Blog is where you need to go! Giveaways, author interviews on the latest and greatest out. Plus this blog is attached to a website that offers reviews on each month's romance novels in every category. I'm talking historical, contemporary, paranormal. The Season gives you a chance to get a little more info about a romance book you may be thinking about and more. Couldn't dote on this site enough as it has influenced multiple purchases (Yes, I read romance, like to keep my options open)!

That's it for Saturday. Read your heart away, learn about new books, new tricks, and above new topics to help fuel that creative muse sitting on your shoulder.

-Good Night, Forever Yours, a Purple Sheep

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