Monday, March 7, 2011

Writing Fun Stuff

Salute to another Monday. From now on this post is going to be my Top 5 countdown.

5. If you aren't following Miss Snark's First Victim blog creator Authoress on Twitter, I recommend you do so NOW! I know, a little demanding, but there is an EPIC contest taking place as I blog. If you have not visited her blog before I recommend highly that you do that as well.
The epic contest involves several smaller ones on Twitter at various times and the giveaways range from books to query critiques. A great opportunity for little to no work.

4. Chatterbox Chit Chat Lynnette Labelle also has a fun contest happening as I blog. The prize: a critique of the first 500 words of your manuscript or your query letter. Your choice. There is some basic instructions and it pays to follow them. Deadline for the contest is this coming Sunday March 13th, 2011.

3. Mer Bear from Fine Print has a new blog. She is offering up some great advice on blogging Do's and Don'ts. While this may not exactly fall under every one's 'Fun' category, learning how to successfully traverse the crazy world of online social media can be rewarding.

2. Like Jewelry??? Author Pal Chad Johnston has a fun giveaway on his blog. 
He's giving away earrings for some heartfelt comments. Not a book mind you, but pretty sparklies to dangle from your lobes. Plus, Chad is funny and his stories are comical. Take a peek.

Finally...1. All I can say is Terribleminds. This blog is fun and Chuck Wendig could make anyone fall out of their chair laughing. Disclaimer: This blog may not be appropriate for those under 18, that may be pregnant, have heart conditions, or intake large amounts of anti-depressants. Other that you are free to laugh your ends off.

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