Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Mundane... I mean Monday. Fun Stuff Time!

Yes, I know. I'm late... it's Tuesday. Gonna be close to Wednesday by the time I post this.

Needless to say the week is starting a little slow for me. I am still floating down from the euphoria of a productive and fun weekend. That being said I refuse to be Debbie Downer and offer a plethora of fun stuff for you all to enjoy.

Top 5 for this week:

5.) Whimsy Writing- She wants to stalk you, in a good way *wink. This is a fun blog with lots of great insight and just fun writing. I like taking the time to read new insights and have a little joy at the same time. Check out the blog and just settle in for a little learning and good conversation. Plus, whimsy is a great follow on Twitter.

4.) Dirty Birdies- For the twisted romantics we are. This blog is from a group of erotic romance authors (adult content). Now some who view this blog may be a wondering why? Well, I don't play favorites. I like lots of different music, book genres, discussions, etc. Plus, I like to provide a little something for everyone. Life is about experiences and these ladies are hilarious.

3.) Authoress and Write On! - Authoress has helped so many with her Secret Agent contests. Now she's helping our aspiring writers and reviewing the grammar basics. My grammar is atrocious. I know this. Heck, you probably know this. So I'm headed there to review. I encourage all of you to do the same. Plus get involved in the conversation and shape a few minds.

2.) Genre for Japan- An auction of rare and wonderful items from writers. The earthquake that hit Japan was devastating and horrible. Now turn that horrible into hope and bid on some great items, including critiques and more, to give money to the British Red Cross. Bidding ends on Sunday, April 3rd.

1.) Operation Auction 2011- An Auction for Fatin  If you are not aware a member of the writing community, I say community because regardless of genre we are all connected, experienced a profound loss a couple of weeks ago. Fatin lost her husband in a tragic, senseless fashion and the auction is to help raise funds and give back to a wonderful person who is suffering the ultimate heartache. Check the auction out. Find something you like and bid. Critiques, books, ARCs, cover art, and more.

I know my fun stuff for the week is not exactly free books or other such. Less contest and more about spending a little cash at some auctions. Just know that the money you spend goes to help others. There are some great blogs listed and grammar refreshing can be fun, corrupting... oops, I mean shaping young minds is rewarding and fun too!

Signing off... till tomorrow.

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