Monday, March 14, 2011

Contests and Fun Stuff #2

Greetings all my fellow "lovers" of DST, a TLA for Daylight Savings Time, if you don't know what TLA means then I pray for you. Here's the Top 5 for contests and fun stuff.

Before I begin the list let me say one thing: March is Hot Hot Hot!!! So many fun things to do

5. DABWAHA! - A March Madness contest for Romance! Covers multiple romance genres so just because you don't read all of them doesn't mean you can't get involved and have fun.
Hosted By: Smart Bitches Trashy Books
Deadline for picks: March 15, 2011 at 11:59pm CST
Grand Prize: A 16 GB Ipad 2 (who doesn't want to get their grubby little fingers on that!).
There are other prizes as well but click on the link to get all the info. Remember time is short.

4. CSAR - Another March Madness bracket. Same theme Romance, but this time different categories. Put forth by the benevolent Camryn Rhys and friend.
Deadline for picks: March 21, 2011. Plus a few other stipulations (follow on blog, twitter, or FB) and announce who you are of course.
Grand Prize: An e-reader, no specifics on variety. But hey! It's an e-reader, beggars can't be choosy.
Good fun and another way to get crazy for something other than basketball.

3. Ashley March - March Madness Scavenger Hunt- Sensing a theme are we, well it is March. Now the good stuff. We have a scavenger hunt starting tomorrow (March 15, 2011). Ashley March is promising delectable prizes and fun times. You need to be ready 7pm MST because that's when the contest starts. Questions and all that jazz will be posted at that time. If you don't have time to partake check out Ashley's blog anyway. She's conducting lots of fun interviews with guest authors and yummy giveaways all month.

2. Miss Snark's First Victim Secret Agent Contest (March)- Ready to land an agent or maybe just get some feedback from one. Then 'Come on Down'! Authoress, creator of MSFV holds a lovely monthly contest called 'Secret Agent'. For more details click on the link, but submission time frames are on March 21st.

1. Spring Free Edit Contest- This is the big one my pretties! A lovely Cassandra Freelance Editor is hosting a contest for a free substantial edit (up to 100k).
Deadline: March 21st, 2011. You can enter once per day and have to supply a little blurb about the content of your story. Go get 'em aspiring authors. This type of thing doesn't come around often.

That's about it for this week.... except, I will be posting my own little contest on Thursday. Stay tuned it's gonna be good.

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