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Review: A Clockwork Christmas

Review: A Clockwork Christmas by Stacy Gail, PJ Forte, Jenny Schwartz, J.K. Coi

For back cover blurb and more information about this book visit Stacy Gail's Blog here. She has additional posts featuring her anthology sisters from A Clockwork Christmas. This anthology is published by Carina Press and released Monday December 5th, 2011. Get it now!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Nothing says Christmas like clocks, mechanical limbs, tortured souls, and some steamy windows!

Form the ingenious minds of four exciting authors, comes an anthology that will keep you reading until the wee hours of the morn'. These steampunk tales based around the Christmas holiday take readers on a journey across the globe; from the Victorian streets of New England to the shores of Australia, and a couple of other exciting hot spots in between. Fall in love through bitter separations, heart wrenching recoveries, and even a robbery that involves stealing not just an item, but a heart!

Crime Wave in a Corset

Cornelia Peabody thought she was going to steal her way to peace and tranquility, until previous victim, Roderick Coddington, slaps a deadly timepiece on her wrist. With 7 days ‘til to live Cornelia has no choice but to steal back the priceless piece Coddington wants. What neither of them expects is the desirous emotions conjured by their odd partnership or the feelings evoked by the Christmas season.

This Winter Heart

Ophelia is the last person in the world her husband, Dario, wants to see. She’s desperate for funds, and assistance, since her father has passed on and her family has abandoned her. Yet Dario is unwilling to take her back, even with Ophelia’s astounding revelation. Can Dario accept Ophelia for who she is, even if she’s not the typical definition of human?

Wanted: One Scoundrel

Esme Smith, suffragette extraordinaire, is on the hunt for a male to represent her political party ideals. Jed Reeve is captivated by Esme’s strength and desires. He’s not a political activist, but when presented with Esme’s unique opportunity he can’t resist accepting. In the midst of trying to do the job he was hired for, Jed finds himself embroiled in a nefarious scheme, with everything from blackmail to kidnapping. Can he prove he’s more than just a scoundrel and win the girl too?

Far From Broken

Jasper Carlisle was willing to deal with the devil if he could save his wife, appealing to his devious superior was literally the same thing. Callie was saved, but at the cost of having her limbs and body invaded by mechanical limbs and nano technology. She doesn’t believe she’ll ever be whole again and has a hard time forgiving Jasper for forcing her to live rather than die after the deadly attack. In the midst of their reunion a killer waits. Someone who knows what happened to Callie on that unfortunate night, and who’s willing to do anything to destroy them both.

Honestly this is the first anthology where all the stories have equally impressed me. All four stories are unique and compelling in their own right. Each author does an amazing job of evoking emotion and creating characters that are relatable. The Christmas theme is present and endearing, making each tale even more romantic. Another fabulous detail about this anthology is that the stories are based in different locales across the world, proving that the spirit of Christmas can be found everywhere; not just in one country or nation.

My favorite story was Gail’s Crime Wave in a Corset. Peabody and Coddington are a fabulous pair, from their interactions to their potential romance. The story is fast paced and a page turner; one you can’t put down. At the same Forte, and Coi did a phenomenal job of creating a steampunk environment, by allowing characters from their stories to embody the essence of steampunk physically. I found the scientific aspects in both of their stories to be extremely interesting and captivating.

Overall, this anthology gives new perspectives, and adds to the fascinating world of the steampunk genre. I look forward to reading more from each of these authors in the future. If you’re on the hunt for something new in the world of Christmas tales A Clockwork Christmas should be on your purchase list.

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