Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Year in Review

# of books read: Somewhere around 100+. The exact number escapes me because I'm sure some of the books I've read fell through the cracks as I was loading up my lists each month on here.
Based on the monthly book count I ended with... Update: 203 books

# of reviews completed: 80.
Now as to whether the authors enjoyed them or readers found them useful that remains to be seen. What little feedback I have received points to yes-- authors like my reviews. Readers... well, the jury is still out.

# of books--
written: 0
started: 3
edited: 1(still needs more editing)
critiqued: 1

# of critique partners: 1 and she's amazing. Absolute gem that I don't know how I was living without. I know that sounds incredibly stalker-esque and a little creepy. Our respective spouses have claimed that we plan on running away together and we both agree it wouldn't be a bad idea. *smiles*
Now the shameless plug! You have to visit her blog . She has some awesome posts for crafting books, and writing advice in general.

# of blog posts: 94
A random mish-mash of experimentation occurred this year. Everything from guest spots from those with different writer professions, contests that didn't go very far, and reviews posted directly on the blog. I kept up toward the end with my Funday Monday posts, and blog joy Saturday made a small resurgence. Overall, I liked the variety of the blog and hope that I can continue to provide useful content.

Now to the new year 2012-- *drumroll*

I have writing goals. The first being to successfully plot a novel, and devote at least 1 hour per day to plotting until completion. Second, I will improve my grammar skills. I'm whipping out the official book I promise. Future goals will be established once I accomplish at least one of the first two. The second goal will be more difficult to measure lol!

In order to light a fire underneath my butt, the lovely Lori Sizemore and myself will be participating in a weekly roasting post on our blogs. Yes, you can expect me to brag about my writing dedication or wallow in self pity while Lori drags me through the dust. This lambasting will have some sort of sparkling name, though I imagine the posts will be brief. I'm open to naming suggestions. Maybe we should include photos to taunt one another.

Expect more reviews, though I imagine the quantity will diminish. I will continue to post my reading lists for everyone to keep track of. I have no idea what inspiration the lists give other than to show how insane I am for keeping up with nearly 20 books a month. And speaking of reviews expect a big, and I do mean BIG announcement on the 1st.

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