Monday, May 16, 2011

Fears! Do you have them?

Ever walk into a room, everyone turns to look at you, silence hangs in the air, and suddenly you feel like you just entered a conversation that secretly had you at the butt end of a joke. No?

How about this one? You stand in a group of 3-4 people. You are talking and enjoying a conversation about random, senseless llama troddle. Then Epiphany strikes and you blurt out the phrase aching to release from your lips. No one in your little group says anything, crickets chirp, and you're left feeling a bigger idgit then you thought you were back when Susie Loosey pulled your hair, and gave you a swirly during Truth or Dare at that sleepover 20-some years ago. No?

Let's just say that those particular situations are usual for me; an everyday occurrence one might say. If they only happened once in a great while then maybe I would believe it to be just a coincidence. But the fact that these situations happen to me all the time leaves only one explanation. I'm odd!

Odd is nice... sometimes. Being odd has provided me with the chance to meet some great people a la Twitter, Blogger, Wordpress, and so on. Though I find that not everyone will stick around after they meet me, the real me. I am naturally a strange creature with different tastes, and moods that swing quickly through the jungle branches.

I'm not making any sense?

I know.

Bottom Line: This year is about learning to love myself, love my writing, and stop letting little pesky emotions like rejection, self conscientious and the overwhelming fear that I am secretly scorned by everyone get me down! I'm gonna learn better grammar. <--- How's that for the first lesson?
I'm devoted to becoming happy with myself.
My new motto: Don't banshee howl about it unless you plan on changing it!
Even then, you should only howl for 10 minutes max because you could lose your voice.
Finally, I'm gonna stop being swayed to act a certain way just to impress others. I'm Landra! You either like me or you don't. Regardless I ain't am not going nowhere anywhere. <--- See? I'm learning something.

Question: What are your inner fears? As a writer? As a person? How do you overcome them?

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  1. Good on you for choosing to develop a strong sense of self. I'm painfully shy and self-conscious, but my online persona can be everything I'm not. So Phoenix is my coping mechanism.

    And I have something for YOU. Stop by my blog and check out Tuesday's post :o)