Sunday, May 22, 2011

Carolyn Jewel's My Dangerous Pleasure Review

Greetings readers, for today I bring you a review for the upcoming novel from Carolyn Jewel, My Dangerous Pleasure.

I have to say that this was my first paranormal romance from Carolyn Jewel and I got a little excited. Hope everyone gets a chance to read this and definitely check out the release. Plus Carolyn is running a contest over at her blog and you can read the first couple chapters. Check it out here:

Now for the review:
Rating: 9

Carolyn Jewel’s latest paranormal romance is a wild ride right from the start; filled with action, steamy encounters, and a story that screams ‘More! Please, more!’

Iskander Philippikos, a demon sworn to fealty to the Warlord Nikodemus, is still recovering from his near deadly breakup with a fellow demon, Fen. He dispels sorrow with a different woman each night, until Paisley. Iskander thought his hot and sexy tenant was just a plain human. When he finds Paisley writhing on the floor of her apartment, magic radiating from her, he feels obligated to save her. The attacks on Paisley continue and Iskander is drawn to protect her and bed her if possible.

Paisley Nichols is an independent, southern woman, bound to a 5-year financial success plan for her bakery store. Dedicated to the job and with little time for anything else, she is suddenly thrown into a world of demons (the kin) and magic, by a single touch from an insane mage. Her smokin’ hot, tattooed landlord, Iskander, comes to the rescue and with it the knowledge that Paisley can no longer live the normal life. The magic gives Paisley the power to release demon souls trapped by mages, making her desirable to the kin and a threat to mages.

Neither Paisley nor Iskander really understand the full depth of their attraction to each other, and both seem hesitant to admit publicly that it exists. Their respectful and distant nature toward one another is erased when Paisley is finally immersed in the magic world; the boiling desire between them too hard to deny.

Paisley is a beautiful, tough woman, which fits Iskander’s needs and wants. She has no trouble accepting Iskander for who he is, in and out of the bed. While most women would probably be turned off at intimate relations with a demon, Carolyn Jewel weaves the characters and story in such a way that acceptance is natural.

Iskander is not only heartbreakingly attractive, but a dangerous assassin not afraid to take someone out. You cannot help but fall in love with Iskander’s bad boy nature and attitude, even if he kills few demons here and there. His loyalty to Paisley and desire to show her his love ultimately win over any reader’s devotion.

Both hero and heroine find themselves in precarious situations with witches and mages alike, that bring them closer to each other than what is safe, and ultimately face to face with the villain that drove them together. Can Iskander protect Paisley from the threat? And how will they stop the attacks from mages and witches alike? These questions, coupled with passionate encounters, keep the pages turning.

My Dangerous Pleasure is the fourth book in Jewel’s series, and contains a scrumptious story of love and intimacy blossoming from unexpected places. The additional story lines provide readers with only a guess at which character’s story will be told next. Ultimately this book is magic action, unbridled desire, and a taste for the wild side packaged up tight and delicious.

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