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Interviews with Victoria: Anabel Divided by Amanda Romine Lynch #giveaway

Before we get started let me say:
 - I was against this from the start. Completely. My lovely fem-dom, Victoria, vehemently requested I allow her to start interviewing characters from other books. 
- I told her other characters might find her intimidating and she had to keep things focused on the book. We'll see how well this goes. Without further ado:   

Interviews with Victoria

Welcome to Landra's Blog! She's letting me have a little fun and I'm so happy to have you here today, Anabel

Thanks for having me, Victoria. It's a pleasure. I think.

Let's not beat around with weeping willows. I already know that you've started scandals a plenty, but the true question is do you prefer missionary or doggie-style? And yes, I mean sexual position. 

Are you going to ask what kind of underwear I sport next? I find that both positions are useful at different moments. And I don't start scandals; they find me and drag me in.

Interesting, and if you had to describe your ideal man in three words? 

Dr. Richard Carrington. My Romanticism professor. No? Fine. Smart. Sexy. Literate.


All good traits in a man, though I prefer mine submissive too. Also, I like your attitude and since you mentioned it, what kind of underwear do you sport? 

Why, you want to see?

*Pulls skirt a little to check* 

They are purple. My evil ex-sister-in-law bought them for me.

Nice. I'm a fan of red myself. *lifts shirt and pulls on the strap of a red thong* 

Alright, now the tough question. If you were asked right now to choose between the two who would you pick. Matt, your current man, or Jared, who I've heard is a natural flirt, but dangerous to a girl's sanity? 

*whispers* Feel free to give me juicy details. 

Choose between them for what? *eyeroll* And why, do you want me to put in a good word for you with Jared? Don't really know if he's your type.

If I was still single, I'd take you up on that offer. But really, you're doing a wonderful job of not actually answering any of my questions. So, Anabel is your entire story a bunch of misdirection and flip flop?

I suppose you make a good point. But I what I say doesn't matter much, does it? You only see what you want to.

What do you think of the book title? Did your author have it right, are you divided? 

I didn't agree with her at first, but I seldom do. She saw what I didn't want to see, though. So yes. It was an apt assessment. Things are different now, though.

Do you care to elaborate? Or should I offer incentive?

What kind of incentive? I don't need to see your thong again.

I'll beat anyone you want. As long as they agree to it, but I've heard about the people you know. Masochists for sure. *winks*

*laughs* I think I like you. The author and I argue a great deal because I never do what she thinks I should. She was also displeased with my choices this time around and does not hesitate to point out when things are my fault. And then she wonders why we argue...

And that ladies and gents is why you should read Anabel Divided. There's faults, blame, two hot guys, and plenty of hanky panky without the beatings. I may have exaggerated on that last part. *winks* 

Thank you Anabel for your lovely, although vague, interview. Readers, get details on where to purchase below. 

Anabel Martin thought that the resolution of her father's murder would bring 
a resolution to her problems. After all, she was starting life over in a new 
place, with new friends, and new adventures, focusing on attending college 
and raising her daughter free from the distractions of Washington, DC. She 
was ready to move on. 
But a trip back to the District for Meghan's wedding stirs up old feelings 
and brings new life to old relationships. Matt is cold and distant, while 
Jared is caring and attentive. A woman from Matt's past, a bold public 
flirtation, and Anabel's desire to be truly loved lead her to a 
crossroads...and her final decision leaves her with more questions than 

Author Bio: 
Amanda Romine Lynch is a writer, editor, and blogger who grew up in Florida 

knowing she belonged somewhere else. She now lives in the DC Metro Area with her 
husband and three amazing little boys. She is the Eco-Friendly/Green Living 
Contributor over at the Prime Parents’ Club and strives to live earth friendly in a 
world of disposable diapers. When not writing about Anabel and Jared or chasing 
around a curly-haired boy, she cheers for the Gators (in all kinds of weather) and 
occasionally remembers to sleep. 

Buy Links: 
eLectio Publishing ~ Amazon

Giveaway: You could a copy of Anabel's first book Anabel Unraveled (paperback and signed by author) or a $25 Amazon Gift Card. 

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