Monday, October 6, 2014

Funday Monday- Where I am, Where I Stand, and Where I Thrive

1- Scream! for the Cure has launched. Yesterday was the kickoff. I've got a lovely little button over
on the side that you can click to visit. If you're lazy, like I'm prone to be, then click the image below. The first auction basket will be Paranormal Romance, which unlike many believe is not dead and is instead still a great source of creative story lines.

2- Today, I'm over at Cate Masters blog for part of her Halloween celebration. To say this woman loves Halloween is an understatement. Feel free to swing by, I'm giving away a copy of my upcoming
With This Kilt, I Thee Bed to a lucky commenter.

3- Dear Author Support Fund. So, I'm late to the #notchilled party. Thankfully I'm not affected, yet. The problem with the lawsuit being levied against Jane Litte, Dear Author Founder, is that it threatens all of us. Our voice, our ability to express our opinions, and our right to speak out against a suit that is meant to bully and silence. The only other things I will say on this matter are the following:

- I despise bullies. Bullying is something I won't tolerate. Ever. I've been a recipient of Dear Author's opinions and in no way am I her biggest fan, but I refuse to see someone else bullied for stating facts, and speculating on those facts.
- Everyone has the choice to make their own opinion, but when you turn to verbally bashing or attacking anyone who doesn't agree with you then you've allowed yourself to sink to the same level as the person(s) you're objecting against. There are ways to take action without diving into verbal sparring wars.

4- In much happier news it's October and the season for stews, chilis, and yummy recipes. I love fall for a multitude of reasons and I encourage other readers, writers, and foodies to check out my Pinterest board with it's bevy of recipes and I'm always searching for more. I've even thrown in a few Halloween Treat Ideas.

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