Thursday, May 21, 2015

I've moved!

I've been sharing on Facebook and Twitter, but figured I owed my readers an update. The lack of posts on the blog is because I've moved. Yep, I'm over at www.landra.graf . It's my brand new site and designed more to me and the books I'm writing.

Feel free to swing by and check things out.

That being said, I'll be leaving the content up on this blog for approximately two more months and then it will disappear. I'm no longer in the slushpile, therefore this piece o'slush has rose. It's been a privileged to have regular readers, a steady slew of visitors, and now I'm ready to embark on the next adventure.

As I move forward with my writing career, I've decided to stop reviewing books, to focus more on the words. I'll still be conducting Interviews with Victoria, Thursday Reads, Funday Monday, and a hosting amazing authors.

I hope you're able to follow me on the journey.

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