Tuesday, May 6, 2014

RT Travel Prep!

Update: All the immune boosting I discussed yesterday didn't do me a lick of good. My day consisted of a visit to the doctor and being put on antibiotics. The plus side is I should be sufficiently guarded from any infections while in NOLA. 

Now travel prepping. These are the things I've been thinking about: 
 - Clothing
 - Snacks (you will get hungry in the hotel room)
 - Booze (you will want to drink in your hotel room without paying $5 a glass)
 - Shoes (you need at least one pair of tennis shoes, flipflops, and sandals) 
 - Bathroom necessities (don't forget all the things you need to stay pretty, as well as bare essentials)
 - Costumes (so, I totally bombed this department. I don't have a single costume and may settle for a mask)
 - Books (I'm going through my books on Friday)
 - Swag (will discuss more tomorrow)
 - Cash (at least $100, but I caution anymore then that.) 
 - Laptop, writing utensils, and notebooks
 - Chargers for all electronics 

Whoo, that's a lot of stuff. My main issue is clothes. I desperately have trouble figuring out what to wear. I want some business casual attire, and comfy clothes. At the same time I don't want to over pack, but you never know when plans or the weather may change and you need something besides your original choice. 
Regardless, the big things are nice tops for nights on the town, jeans for travel days, shorts because it will be hot, and my wrap around black shawl because I get chilly easy. 

As to the laptop, some say no because you won't have time to get on it. I don't leave my laptop anywhere so it's traveling with me. Even if I never turn it on the safety of having it close will provide me with a bit of relief. 

And don't forget the chargers. All those tweets and instagram posts can't happen if your phone is dead. The good news is that most likely you're RT roommate also has an iPhone so you can possibly pilfer theirs for a few hours. ;) 

What are your convention travel must haves? Maybe I'm forgetting something. 

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