Monday, May 5, 2014

New Orleans or Bust--- Countdown to RT!

In a few short days, 7 to be exact, I'll be headed 10 hours south to New Orleans, LA. My friend and I will descend upon the city like flies on rotten fruit. That doesn't sound sexy, but regardless we're pumped.

I'm going to the Romantic Times Convention and this time I going for the whole thing!

No, Big Book Fair Saturday only event. Nope, I want workshops, social events, and dancing the night away with trips to the bar.

I'll be posting all week about my preparations for the trip and the crazy things I'm doing to get ready. The first is preparing my body. That's right, I've got to physically prepare. For the last 2 weeks I've been lifting weights, going on 1-2 hour walks every other day and hitting the ab lounger to try and shed a few pounds. Plus it doesn't hurt to get familiar with the lengthy amount of time you'll spend walking or on your feet at an event like RT.

I've increased my intake of Vitamin C. It's time to super boost the immune system. No sense taking chances and getting sick won't allow me to have as much fun in The Big Easy. I'll admit to waking with a sore throat this morning from turning on a ceiling fan last night, but no more of that.

The last thing I'm doing is purchasing my new shoes... today. I'll have 1 week to break them in. Hopefully that's enough time. :)
If, not then I'll pack some extra essentials.

Till tomorrow.


  1. I'll attest to the need for immune boosting! I came home with RT13 plague last year, followed by bronchitis, and a heart attack...
    Gonna try again this year hopefully with healthier results!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one in the immune booster camp! Unfortunately, I don't think it worked. I'm headed to the doctor and pharmacy today for antibiotics. :(