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Review: Temptation & Twilight by Charlotte Featherstone

Review: Temptation and Twilight by Charlotte Featherstone

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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Three words that describe this book: anxious, agony, and sensual

Featherstone is a master of sensual description and emotion. In the final book of The Guardians trilogy she once again shows us how she can squeeze every ounce of feeling from the encounters between two people. For Elizabeth York and Iain Sinclair there's plenty of feeling, secrets, and dwelling emotions between once lovers.

Elizabeth is essentially the character we know and love. Mentioned in previous Guardian books, Elizabeth is blind. Featherstone has created a wonderful, strong woman that manages to operate without her sight, which makes the sensuality of the story ten times better. Add in a secondary man in the competition ring and things are downright hawt! Yes, you heard right, there's competition for Elizabeth's hand. Dedicated readers to the series will remember the man Elizabeth was introduced to at the party during Pride and Passion. Oh, and just to confirm this storyline is parallel with Pride and Passion, with the timing of the two being one and the same. There's a few dark moments in this story along with a dark recollections of what happened after Elizabeth and Iain connected the first time.

Now to the subject of Iain. This is was a man that I was extremely attracted to visually, but I found him a bit more sensual then emotional for most of the book. He's Scottish and extremely possessive, which seems to be the main focus of his attentions toward Elizabeth. Along with a deep desire for forgiveness and a need to repent for his previous sins against her, though he's not aware of all of them. Every time he took a step towards an emotional element he'd counteract it by sexually approaching Elizabeth. Halfway through the book it got a bit annoying and I really wanted Iain to grow a bit more. He finally grew, but just a bit slower then I would have enjoyed.

Overall, Temptation and Twilight is a decent book and wraps up the tale of the Guardians for those who've read previous books in the series. By now we know the face of the true villain, but seeing his ultimate defeat at the hands of this group of heroes and heroines is still enjoyable. Iain wasn't nearly as much fun in person as I expected, but Elizabeth exceeded all of my previous expectations.

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