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Review: Scotsmen Prefer Blondes by Sara Ramsey

Review: Scotsmen Prefer Blondes by Sara Ramsey

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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A second dose of heart stopping romance and how a woman can release the animal in any man.

Amelia Staunton is on a mission to help her friend wed, and wed well. That means a trip to a castle in Scotland. Amelia hopes to stand by her friends side and get some inspiration for her latest story. Instead she finds herself attracted to the very man her friend would marry Malcolm MacCabe.

Determined to be the Laird his people need, and keep the tenants in Scotland MacCabe needs a respectable wife who can give him an 'in' to the hearts and minds of the English Lords. Amelia is no such woman, but MacCabe can't help the attraction to her defiant and fiery nature nor the desire such actions spark. Soon the two are caught in situation warranting the unthinkable marriage between the two with no escape. Can the desire and love growing between them survive all?

Amelia, a writer and a woman with a sharp tongue. I loved her! She's very stubborn, but when it comes to caring about someone she has a heart of gold. This character has a beautiful way with insults too, and knows just when those barbs are gonna hurt the worst. There are many moments where Amelia has a problem with keeping her mouth shut, but surprisingly this part of her character didn't ruin the story it enhanced the conflict because I didn't really know what she was gonna say next. A woman who speaks her mind isn't always a bad thing. ;)

MacCabe is the domineering male, who's not always the brightest when it comes to judging people. Amelia's mouth and tendency to let whatever fly out of it is more of a turn on for him; rather than a turn off. Now, readers of the blog will know I'm a sucker for alpha's. MacCabe is pretty close, but not quite there. Regardless I liked him and his ignorance when it came to not figuring out Amelia's writing secret sooner.

Ramsey definitely has a theme with her Muses of Mayfair series. The ladies have secrets and the men getting entangled with them either have to step up to protect the ladies or abandon them... if you want to know what happens then you'll just have to buy the books. Let's just say regardless of MacCabe's decision there's plenty of hoops to jump through and a historical good time. I'm definitely primed to get my greasy paws on the last of this trilogy.

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