Saturday, April 28, 2012

Review: To Bewitch a English Knight by Alena Stuart

Review: To Bewitch An English Knight by Alena Stuart

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Philandra is on the run! A life of exile wouldn't be bad if she hadn't stabbed the wrong man, an English Earl engaged to her sister. Fleeing through the woods she hopes to evade capture, and strongly believes, regardless of original intentions, she will be hanged if caught. Aa gathering storm and the urge to seek shelter brings her into the hands of Sir Thomas. He's a knight on a mission, but can hardly believe that this small-statured female had ill intentions to his lord. Thomas is drawn to Philandra, and desires to claim her for his own. To do so would go against his sense of honor unless the real villian can be brought to justice.

The Good: The overall story and plot is decent and believeable, and a strong cast of secondary characters leave some wiggle room for future books. The language isn't overbearing with the highland tone, and I found it easy to follow along with the characters banter.

The Bad: I became confused by a few details in the story, especially involving the ultimate defeat of the villian. Philandra and Sir Thomas' tension and conflict is somewhat muted toward the end of the book, and I really wanted a little more then what was provided, I understand this is a short but I don't think the writing was as tight as it could have been. I was also a bit let down by the romance portion, which at times seemed forced and the circumstances behind the main characters coupling seemed manufactured for the stories sake.

Ultimately, I believe the author has a good start, but I would look to future works from Stuart if you're looking for a well-honed gem. To Bewitch An English Knight doesn't quite make the mark.

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