Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Writing Profession Series- The Evil Editor- Urp! Halt!

We interrupt this week's regular programming to bring you an important announcement. Evil Editor, affectionately known to his minions as EE or His Holy Eminence Muttonchop the III, is proposing an end to his infamous blog due to lack of participation.

For those who are not aware Evil Editor has been delighting the blogging masses for 5 years with book chats, query lambasting, writing exercises, cartoon caption submissions, and new openings (which involve a chance to show your creative ability and for author's to laugh at the continuation of their story).

In one of his most recent posts- The Decline of the Blog- EE states how participation has lagged over the last several months. It's most distressing to hear that the first query critiquing blog I ever found is suffering so. I've even had my pitiful query ripped apart by EE, which sent me pummeling my husband and friends for telling me the dang thing sounded good. Support is one thing, but don't lie to me people!

Back to my point- Evil Editor is now proposing moving to a Twitter based function, which has me screaming 'Yes' and 'No' simultaneously. FYI, screaming words simultaneously is difficult and I don't recommend it to anyone unless you are ambidextrous, have consumed at least 1 dozen cookies, or you have multiple personalities. While I like the idea of EE moving into the tweeting platform, if he ends the blog I will spontaneously combust.

That being said I'm posting to issue a plea... more like begging, but you get the point.
Come one, come all and gather your queries, your book openings, your creative flogging thoughts and submit to Evil Editor. Become a minion. Become active again. I know that twitter feed is calling. I know you're working on your latest masterpiece. But come back dang it!

For those who've never been try it, you might find yourself possessed by the beauty of EE's devilish wit, razor sharp tongue, and ridiculously long muttonchops. Not saying that those muttonchops aren't attractive in some demented, diabolical way that makes me want to grab ahold of them and stare deeply into his eyes. Forget I said that.

Bottom line if you're anyone who's anyone that's an oxymoron, or I am. Come to the blog, Evil Editor's blog and submit to the carnage, join in the limb foraging and heart harvesting. Nothing says writing like taking a bite out of a query or hacking up a fake plot.

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