Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blog Joy Saturday- Nov. 5, 2011

I'm bringing it back!

Here we go! This weeks blogs are dedicated towards foodies! I've decided that it makes sense to have a theme each week-- kinda like Man Candy Monday. So I'm dedicating this blog joy Saturday to the foodies. These blogs talk about food, share recipes, etc.

First up is Mama's Fixins. Personally I'm a big fan of anything sweet, but I love classic recipes for favs that my grandma makes. From Gingersnaps to the fancy things like scones this blog has some recipes I'm definitely trying out.

Next on list is (a) Musing Foodie. Her recipes are divine, and she's funny to boot. Plus there are contests and all sorts of crazy things to get involved in. I heartily encourage that every chocolate loving person who exists check out this particular recipe. You'll thank me after you eat it, and yes... of course it's fat free. Anything you want to eat is fat free in my book.

Okay, imagine that your strapped for cash. Wait a minute! Who isn't strapped for a little cash? Never mind, bad analogy. Moving onward... this last foodie blog is all for the frugal, people with big families or just those who like to get the most bang for their buck at the grocery store.
Frugal Family Recipes helps you do that. There are recipes for every meal, plus you can share your own via email.

That wraps blog joy Saturday. Let me know if you try any recipes that are good. I'm always on the hunt for new things to eat and inspire me. Next week it's all about Romance.

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