Monday, November 28, 2011

Funday Monday November 28th, 2011

It's time for another Funday Monday! I've been absent the last week due to the holiday, some personal business, and a little seclusion for my reading mind.
Now that Thanksgiving is over it's time to turn my mind to the season of giving! Of course with the season there is music, books, activities, decorating and so much more. Don't forget the fondness of the colors red and green to add a sparkle. This Funday Monday is a little bit of mish mash of things so bear with me.

5. Center for Writing Excellence Fiction in Five- You like short stories? Like deadlines? Enjoy straining your creative abilities or challenging yourself? Then this contest may be for you. Fiction in Five is a chance to write a 700-1,000 word short story in 5 days. There is an entry fee of $5 to submit, and multiple entries are allowed. As always I'm not a fan of entry fees but sometimes they serve a purpose. The prizes vary but there are several. Deadline for entry fees and registration is midnight on December 2nd, 2011.

4. Eclat Fiction- something new and bright is available in the world of fiction anthologies. Eclat Fiction is based in the UK and plans on publishing fiction anthologies (10 stories per issue) online and available for free. Submission has no entry and rules can be found by clicking the link. The deadline for submission is December 5th, 2011 and stories must be at 1,000 words or under. You heard that right, flash fiction fans unite! This publication is all about showcasing unknown talent. So if you're looking for an opportunity of getting your work out in the open for the first time since the light bulb was invented then take a chance.

3. Christmas Music- I love Christmas music. Since the early years of my childhood the day after Thanksgiving always meant one thing to me-- time to break out the Christmas CD's. Not many in my family understand my insistence at listening to carols and songs all through the season. I can't tell why I do it. But when I went back to a 9-5 job and the Christmas season hit, I knew I would need my music. Luckily I found this awesome directory online. It lists radio stations across the country that play Christmas music from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas day.

2. Operation Awesome Mystery Agent Contest- Break out the 1 sentence pitches, and hone them until your fingers crack. This Thursday, December 1st, 2011 Operation Awesome blog will be hosting another Mystery Agent Contest. No 250 blurb or query entry here. Just 1 sentence that tells the awesome sauce of your story. Get ready to pitch away. Contest opens at 9am and they go until they get 50 entries. Be ready!

1. The Polar Express- I love the book, love the movie, and love the music. Nothing says Christmas like The Polar Express. Recently I discovered the website while doing research for work (don't ask because it would be a long story). Anyhoo, what I found on the website were games, recipes, crafts and activities that you can complete at home with the children and the family. How much fun is that? To me boatloads. Anything that can turn a couple of magical hours into an entire magical evening! If you're looking for something fun to do on a Friday night this site may spark some ideas.

There you have it. Everything I provided above should keep you busy for the rest of the day. Between hunting for that Christmas radio station, downloading craft activities, and gathering your writing wits to enter a few contests! Ready yourselves for the countdown to the most wonderful day of the year!

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