Monday, October 17, 2011

Funday Monday- October 17, 2011

My life's been a little bit like a crack-addled hamster running a wheel. Regardless here I am trying to bring some fun to this wonderful Monday. My reason for the Monday being wonderful-- My car is running again. If you've ever lost your flex pipe and catalytic converter in one day then you'll know why I'm so joyous.

Now, to the top 4 (there was 5, but the website didn't work... grrr, people fix your sites).

4. NANOWRIMO- the countdown is on! Personally, I've never participated in the official Nanowrimo contest, but I do believe that National Writing Month should be a time for writers to diligently dedicate that 20 minutes to writing on their novel. I will say if you haven't checked out the site yet there are a ton of resources, even resources for young writers. It would be great to see writing classes at colleges and high schools get involved in something like this.

3. Concord Free Press- Like free books. Well, Concord Free Press has cornered the market. This particular publishing company allows you to get a free book when you donate to a local charity. Now, you can't pick and choose the book you want. They offer so many copies of a particular book and then switch to a new one. If you want to know the why? click here

2. Romance Bandits- This particular group of ladies has been featured on my Funday Monday posts before. I enjoyed their blog when it was stationed here in the blogger world. Now they've upgraded to their own website. Romance Bandits features 19 authors and 1 out of control rooster... a golden rooster that is.

1. Tee Fury- This is a great site. They carry exclusive, obscure, limited edition cheap t-shirt. They sell 1 t-shirt at a time for 24 hours only. Yep, that's right you can only buy each shirt for 24 hours. How's that for being one of few to have something unique and special. Today's shirt was from the movie Labyrinth, which is a personal favorite of mine. Who knows what's in store for tomorrow. I encourage you to check it out. P.S. the Labyrinth Tee is still available for another hour.

That wraps it. I'm working away on too many things to count, but know that there's more where this came from. *Side note- I have no idea where that came from.

Big thanks to @delilahsdawson, @janet_reid, and @annacampbelloz for assisting, unknowingly to this week's Funday Monday.

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  1. I gave you a blog award today!! :D