Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Interviews with Victoria: Rachel Turner from Her Everything by Tara Andrews

Victoria: Today I want to give a nice big welcome to Rachel Turner to my couch. Since the holidays are upon us I don't have much time. So let's get started. What's your favorite sexual position? 

Rachel: *covers her mouth; afraid coffee will spew out from coughing* Are you serious?

Apparently, yes.

Okay, then. If I have to choose one, I’d say when I’m on top. Not only does it drive Mark super-crazy, but he has an incredible chest I just can’t keep my hands off of and I get to touch all I want. And speaking of hands, well, it leaves his free to… uh, well, you get the idea. Eh-hem. You owe me big time, Ms. Author! Can we move on?

Victoria: You like a little control. I can get behind that. What about Boxers or Briefs? Thongs or Panties? 

Rachel: Oh, that’s easy, boxer briefs for him. It kind of hugs around everything nicely, but without looking too high schoolish, if you know what I mean?  For me, panties, usually lace.

Victoria: Lace definitely makes me feel more feminine. You mentioned my questions being easy, how about we turn up the heat? What's your biggest secret? 

Rachel: If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret now would it? Fine. Actually one of my secrets gets told anyway in the book so I guess it’s not such a big deal. My sister and I are twins and my taking her place on stage isn’t the first time we’ve switched places. I filled in for her on a date once, but she ended up with the guy anyway.

Victoria: You're a helper, nothing wrong with that. Describe your ideal woman or man in 3 words? Hell, why not both? *evil grin*

Rachel: I guess hot, hot, hot doesn’t count. *laughs* Too easy, right? Let’s see, Confident, caring, sexy. For both, by the way.

Victoria: My book is called 'What You Need' and I think it speaks for itself. *winks* What do you think about the author's title for your book?

Rachel: Well, if you want to know another secret… Payback time, Ms. Author. 

Her Everything was originally titled “My Everything” and she changed it at the last minute.  Even later than the last minute, she had to have her contract corrected.  Personally, I think she should have kept the original title. I suppose, though, since Ariana Grande’s album, My Everything, came out a month before the book’s release, it all worked out in the end.

Victoria: That's some last minute switcheroo's. Thank you for stopping by and sharing all the intimates with us. Best of luck to you and Mark. 

Dear readers if you need to know more the blurb is below, along with a gander at Mark gracing the cover of the story. 

Rachel Turner made a mistake—a couple, in fact.  Ruining a surprise meeting with the front man to her favorite band is just the beginning.  But agreeing to switch places with her famous sister may spell the end of both of their careers. With rumors flying and an unexpected invitation from Madame Eve, Rachel hopes she can put the mistakes behind her.
Attending an event to support a charity close to his heart, Mark Travis wasn’t looking for love, or even company—and definitely not with a fan.  But when he puts in a hasty bid at a silent auction and wins the services of 1Night Stand, Madame Eve has something different in mind.  A single evening with a woman she claims can fulfill his needs.  But one night might not be enough.

Come morning, will Mark and Rachel’s unexpected one-night stand give them more than they bargained for?

Author Bio: Tara Andrews divides her time between a full-time job as an office manager, an even more full-time job as a wife and mother, and her dream job as a romance author.  An avid reader and writer, Tara continuously seeks to hone her craft in order to provide readers with stories that are provocative yet romantic.

As she has learned from her own experiences, dreams do come true and women can live happily ever after. Tara strives to infuse a blend of fantasy and realism in her stories in order to connect with readers’ own experiences, hopes and emotions.

Tara lives in upstate New York with her wonderful husband and two fabulous children.

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